bullet resistant glass



I'm sudent (and french..sorry for my english) and i need to find how science made glass more resistant and espacially about bullet resistant glass.

thank you


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Sat, 19/11/2005 - 15:51

I think everything is commercialised now :) Anyhow, bullet proof glass is a combination of glass layers of various thicknesses) bonded with PVB or may be UV cured resins, and finally with polycarbonate which gives bullet proof glass splinter free protection during impact. Get in touch with me to know more: gjsingh@jeetglassindia.com

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Tue, 29/11/2005 - 01:35

Hi alexandre, my name is Juan Carlos, I am also a student and I am doing my thesis on a bullet resistant glass factory in my country (Peru), maybe we can share information.

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