A big curved glass for an aquarium

I am seeking a big seamless bow front glass for an aquarium. The size (LxWxH) is
200 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm.
Where can I order the such bent glass?

Sam Yu
Fri, 18/12/2009 - 02:42

Do you want to try Polytron Technologies?

They have curved glass with LED randomly arranged.

It looks wonderful.

Guest User
Thu, 10/12/2009 - 06:57

I have sent emails with my request to curvet_at_curvet.it and jt.mail_at_jaakko-tuote.fi a week ago. I haven`t got any responses from those companies. I think it means they don`t interesting in my order.
As before I hope to find a company who can execute my order.

Guest User
Mon, 30/11/2009 - 14:44

which country are you ? there are many bended glass producers.

Guest User
Tue, 01/12/2009 - 10:04

I am from Russia. European producers are preferable.

Guest User
Wed, 02/12/2009 - 09:02

This is a large glass and the total angle of bend is 163 degrees so the glass cannot be produced on any bending tempering machine that I am aware of (normally limited to 90 degree angle of bend which would give you a depth of bend of 37.2 cm, not the 60 cm that you want). You will need to use laminated glass and I would suggest that in the first instance you try Jaakko-Tuote Oy in Panelia, Finland.

Guest User
Wed, 02/12/2009 - 15:35

I think my explanation of the subject was not enough clear. The glass has two 90 degrees angle. The radius of bending is 20 mm. The front flat part is 200 cm wide and two side flat parts by 60 cm. It is making from a sheet 320 cm length. I think this size or bigger should have a furnace.
I have sent a request to Jaakko-Tuote Oy.
Thank you the advice!

Guest User
Wed, 02/12/2009 - 16:15

Now I understand your requirements much more clearly. If Jaako Tuote cannot help you the next best company is Curvet in Italy who specialise in the bending of thick glass to bespoke shapes, (mainly for furniture).

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