Attention:Protect Eyes

Welding, can be very technical, or can be very common. It is widely applied in many areas of installation, repair, and maintenance throughout many infrastructures. Of course, usually it is operated by skilled welders. Or, sometimes, we ourselves need weld the tools in daily life. All in all, welding is widely used.
However, a serious problem appears now: the harm of welding. To be honest, welding could has many bad effects on the welders, such as noise, dust, electromagnetic radiation and the worst, light radiation.
In fact, I want to stress the harm of light radiation when welding. The glaring light welding emits consits of visible light, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. The harm of visible light is relatively low, but ultraviolet rays and infrared rays would lead to serious disease in eyes beacuse radiation intensity of the two light is very high. Ultraviolet rays could cause conjunctivitis and corneal ulcer, even amotio retinae. Infrared rays could cause cataract or hurt the skin. After all, the worst result on eyes is blind. How terrible!
It is necessary to protect our eyes when welding. Now, the common choice is wearing welding glasses. But, to our disappointed, part of the glass in welding glasses is unqualified. You know, welding glass is a high-technic product. It shoul allow visible light and prevent the two deleterious light. The manufacturers of welding glass are mostly located in advanced countries practically. Now, I recomment you a perfect manufacturer in China, whose name is Noval Glass. Just an example: Noval Glass has received CE certificate and ISO9000 certificate. To be honest, there are many other welding glass manufacturers in China, but as for the quality, you can compare by yourselves.
Do not hesitate to search for more information about Noval Glass in Google! If you want more, please feedback to me.

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