Aquarium Glass

I am making a customised wooden aquarium in the netherlands. and I need advice on how thick the the glass should be and what standard.

There is going to be three pains of glass

pains 1&3 will be
hight 150cm
width 90 cm
this will be siloconed behind 18mm thick wood. the viewing area of the glass through this wooden window is
hight = 138cm
width = 80cm

pain 2 is going to be
hight 76cm
width 100cm

viwing area =
hight = 63 cm
width = 92 cm

the shape of the tank is like an upside down U.
The volume of the one legs is 1593 liters
the volume of the center strut is 711 liters

making a total for the whole aquarium 3897.36 liters

givin a pressur of 3800kgf over the whole tank
the whole tank dimensions are
one leg = 154Hx90Lx115W (the second leg is the same)
center arch dimensions =
76Hx90Lx104 width

the total volume of the tank will hold a maximum 3897 liters

i think that the centre glass doesnt need to be as thick as the the two legs as it is 85cm off of the floor.

If you could help me with
thickness of the glass
rough cost in Euros/dollers/pounds would be great.

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