Aluminium vs silver mirror


Why do people say that aluminium mirror is worse than silver mirror? Any help?

Guest User
Wed, 27/06/2007 - 02:06

Alu mirror don't polish beveled mirror. and it don't in beachroom

Guest User
Wed, 27/06/2007 - 03:29

I think there are several differences.1) Different quality. Silver mirror can be used in bathroom and rest room, for it is waterproof and antiacid, but it's another story for aluminium mirror, it can not be used in such places, it is maily used in furniture, like dressing furniture, etc.2) Different deep processing. when you process edge work, the edge of the aluminium mirror often turn black, which often affect its vision, but the silver mirror doesn't have such problems. 3) Different price, silver mirror is more expensive than aluminium mirror.4) Different care of environment. For silver mirror usually contains heavy metal substance, it does harm to the environment,but aluminium mirror usually doesn't contain such substances.

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