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| Manufacturer
Vacuum products for the glass industry.
| Manufacturer
Vacuum coating equipment for application of variuos types of thin films: mirror, tinting, colouring, antireflecting, low-E, pyrolytic chromium carbide, heat-reflecting, for solar collectors.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Supply and installation of Glass handling cranes, vacuum lifting equipment , specialist rotation devices. Low headroom cranes designed for small buildings a specialty
Italy | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of pneumatic arm manipulators for handling glasses.
Israel | Distributor
Sales, service and mnufacturing of custom vacuum systems.
Canada | Distributor
Quality organic chemistry glassware at affordable prices. We stock two organic glassware kits, one basic kit and another advanced kit for more advanced procedures. We ship internationally. Orders from schools and universities welcome.
Italy | Manufacturer
Pneumofore designs vacuum pumps featuring original solutions since 1923,the result of constant efforts in research and development. Our prioritiesare low life cycle cost and competitive pricing.
Belarus | Manufacturer
We produce vacuum equipment for deposition of optical, decorative and hardening coatings and the equipment for all kinds of processing of optical details.
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturer-Exporter of Vacuum Bags, Silicone/Silicone Free Vacuum Rings, Nylon Vacuum Bagging Film used for manufacturing Laminated Glasses, exporting to more than 40 countries, to more than 100 different laminated glass factories
United Kingdom | Distributor
Major Distributor of compressed air equipment for the glass industry. £10m of compressors, airtools and pneumatic and process controls available from 8 locations
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacture large area thin film sputter glass coating systems and components worldwide for architectural and automotive applications. Offering the latest technology including the renowned C-MAG® magnetron.
Germany | Manufacturer
Wirth manufactures vacuum lifters for glass for workshop and construction site with hand operated or powered turning and tilting movements for flat or curved glass.
United States | Manufacturer
Wood’s Powr-Grip manufactures vacuum attaching hand cups and below-the-hook lifters specifically designed for glass handling applications, including flat and curved glass, autoglass, windows and doors.