Raw Materials
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China | Manufacturer
BOST is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of glass anti-stain interleaving/lucor powder. Our company is specialized in researching/developing/manufacturing glass anti-stain interleaving material and its spraying system. So far over 75% of Chinese float glass factories are BOST customer.
China | Manufacturer
Ecod Specialties (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. is a leading Benzoic ester plasticizer manufacturer of DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE(DPGDB), CAS:27138-31-4 and DIETHYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE(DEGDB), CAS:120-55-8 and other kinds of esters. Eco-friendly plasticizer to replace phthalate plasticizer DOP DINP,ect.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Supplier of high quality cost effective raw materials for glass melting including oxides and compounds of cerium, neodymium, erbium, selenium, lithiu mm niobium and tantalum.
China | Manufacturer
Located in Dalian city and with over 12 years experience in raw materials production and export system, Aceler International is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of refractory and non-metallic minerals in China.
Iran | Trade agent
We export high quality Persian silica sand extracted from mines in Iran directly to glass manufacturers all over the globe.
Egypt | Manufacturer
Welcome to Apex Xplor, a leading mining company focused on providing the purest and highest quality silica sand, silica flour, limestone, dolomite, kaolin and other raw materials.
China | Manufacturer
CNBM is the largest comprehensive building materials industry group in China that integrates scientific research, manufacturing and logistics into one entity, which has been ranked on the Fortune Global 500 list for eight consecutive years.
United States | Manufacturer
Concord Terrazzo Company is a single-source supplier in terrazzo materials. We crush a variety of aggregates including post-industrial and post-consumer recycled glass that can be in designs for terrazzo, polished concrete, landscaping and other construction projects.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacture and exporter for abrasives and refractory materials products in China. We supply white fused alumina, brown fused alumina, vice-white fused alumina, fused spinel, etc.
Italy | Industry service
Established in 2015 as an individual division of Falorni Gianfranco Srl, Falorni Tech provide solutions as melting furnaces and related equipment, glass engineering, working end, turnkey solutions, EPCC, consultancy in a wide range of fields : hollow glass, container glass, mineral wool, mosaic.
| Distributor
Greendown is a world-wide supplier of high quality, nickel oxide powder used in the glass colorants, ceramics and enamels, and electronics industries.
China | Manufacturer
Refractories manufacturer from China with more than 20 years of experience in R&D and production. Exporter of reliable quality refractory materials such as refractory bricks, insulation bricks, monolithic refractory materials and other refractory materials. Offers kiln construction...
China | Manufacturer
We,Hongtai Refractory, a manufacturer of refractory material for glass industry kiln, like AZS,fused silica bricks,zircon brick,zircon mullite bricks,corundum bricks,corundum mullite bricks,silica bricks,Dense alumina bricks,refractory castables, etc. contact if any needs of refractory material.
China | Manufacturer
A professional supplier of high purity rare metals, rare earth metals, precious metals, inorganic materials and metal-organic materials.
Netherlands | Industry service
A reliable supply of industrial gases plays a vital role in producing high quality flat glass. The most common are hydrogen and nitrogen for the tin bath and oxygen in case of oxy-fired furnaces.