Raw Materials
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United Kingdom | Distributor
Supplier of high quality cost effective raw materials for glass melting including oxides and compounds of cerium, neodymium, erbium, selenium, lithiu mm niobium and tantalum.
Iran | Trade agent
We export high quality Persian silica sand extracted from mines in Iran directly to glass manufacturers all over the globe.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacture and exporter for abrasives and refractory materials products in China. We supply white fused alumina, brown fused alumina, vice-white fused alumina, fused spinel, etc.
| Distributor
Greendown is a world-wide supplier of high quality, nickel oxide powder used in the glass colorants, ceramics and enamels, and electronics industries.
China | Manufacturer
A professional supplier of high purity rare metals, rare earth metals, precious metals, inorganic materials and metal-organic materials.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacturer and supplier of Cerium Oxide & Carbonate, Erbium Oxide and Lanthanum Oxide for world glass industry.
China | Other
Shanghai BOJ Molecular Sieve CO., LTD. is a professional enterprise, which produces and sells molecular sieves, activated alumina, silica gel and other kinds of adsorption desiccant series products. Annual production capacity is up to 4000 tons .
China | Manufacturer
Ceramic materials offer unprecedented possibilities for many industries, especially when products and components with extreme material properties are required. ceramic material including Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Boron Carbide, Silicon Nitride and Boron Nitride
China | Manufacturer
A company specializing in abrasive and refractory products.