Heatable Glass
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Croatia | Manufacturer
Formator manufactures tempered glass and laminated glass for special applications. Glass for marine applications. Glass with SGP foil.
Turkey | Manufacturer
BCE Glass is a global OEM and after market supplier of Bus and Coach windscreens, Manufacturer of Armoured Glass, Marine Glass, Architectural Glass, BCE also manufacture heated glass products under Thermolamex® brand.
Sweden | Distributor
Company in heatable glass. 20 years experiance of heatable glass for the construction market and shipping in Nordic. More than 1500 references.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of high performance and electrically heated insulating glass units and custom tempered glass products.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
ESG is one of the UK's leading independent glass processors, providing the market with a comprehensive range of standard and highly technical glass products and services, developed through extensive research, development and testing.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
We specialise in bespoke-designed structural and architectural glass systems, which are used to build our stunning range of aluminium doors, aluminium windows, wine cellars – and other high-quality products – for residential and commercial customers throughout London and the UK.
Finland | Manufacturer
Electrically heatable glass, electrochromic glass and technical glass products manufacturer over 40 year experience.
Germany | Manufacturer
Production of glass with embedded LED (power glass®), glass touch-screens, glass loudspeakers. Manufacturing of anti-glare glasses, transparent heating glass / EMI-shielding glass.
United States | Manufacturer
Glass Consult produce electrical heating windows for the building market. Our success can be attributed to the unique concept of IQ Glas®, which produces radiant heat and emits an energy that directly warms you not just the air around you.
Ukraine | Manufacturer
LLC Glass Team is a glass processor in Ukraine (Kyiv). We have high-tech equipment and extensive experience in the glass industry since 2008. Our company's suppliers are leading glass manufacturers such as Guardian, AGC, Pilkington and others. Be so kind as to get acquainted with our company.
New Zealand | Manufacturer
Specialist Glass Suppliers. Glass Bending, Spiral Staircase Glass, Security Glass, Prison Glass, Cyclone Rated Glass. Supplied Internationally. International Measuring Service.
China | Manufacturer
HangZhou GlassMachine co.,Ltd. is one of the largest high-tech glass machinery manufacturers in China. We supply all kind of glass machinery.
Poland | Manufacturer
HTG supplies many innovative solutions to the Polish and global market in the field of production: HTG Switch View private glass, HTG Thermo Glass heated glass and HTG Switch Mirror. Thanks to modern devices and the HTG Poland technology line, it is able to provide the highest standard of services.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of heated glass, laminated glass with decorative inlays, daylighting systems. TIR100 - Thermal emissivity measuring instrumentation. Glass R&D.
Malaysia | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of heated glass products for the architectural, refrigeration, food display, automotive, and other industries requiring transparent heater solutions.