Glass Defects
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Austria | Manufacturer
Softsolution - LiteSentry, the leaders in inspection & automated quality assurance systems join forces. As a result of the merger, the product portfolio in the respective markets will be expanded, on the one hand in the area of scanner technology and on the other hand, in camera-based solutions.
United States | Manufacturer
Dark Field Technologies partners with quality and engineering professionals to provide automated, in-line surface inspection systems. Our award-winning laser systems remove the need for manual defect inspection, reducing cost and providing previously impossible inspection precision and efficiency.
Belgium | Industry service
Gem-Projects is a consultancy company in the fields of glass technology, glass chemistry, raw materials, glass recycling, glass furnaces and producttrouble shooting.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) is a leading, independent, provider of laboratory analysis, physical testing, quality assessment, failure analysis and a range of consultancy services - specialising in glass and glass products.
Estonia | Manufacturer
From GlasStress you may order analysis of the stresses in glass products manufactured by your company (bottles, drinking glasses, electric lamps, CRT bulbs, optical fibre preforms, panels of architectural glass, automotive glazing, etc).
Sweden | Industry service
At RISE Glass (formerly Glafo) we work with everything from transparent intelligence and colours that filter out wavelengths to toughened and thin glass, biological glass and mineral wool. Among our customers are raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, processing businesses and recyclers.
Czechia | Industry service
Since 2006 I am dedicated to architectural glass. I doing in the B2B diagnostics of failures and defects to the glass, the glass statics calculation. Educating businesses through online courses, webinars and e-learning. My projects:,,,