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United Kingdom | Other
CryoService Ltd supply an extensive range of cryogenic and specialist gases to a wide range of markets in the science, leisure and industrial sectors.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of comprehensive technically leading range of sensor controlled gas fillers and gas analyzers, additionally offering complete I.G. Lines "DGT EDITION", with technical service for more than 2000 installations worldwide, based on four decades of experience in gas filling as DCL and DGT.
Germany | Manufacturer
Engineering, manufacturing and installation of complete N2/H2 mixing stations and SO2 supply systems as package units.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Leaders in combustion technology glass furnaces, minimising environmental pollution. Services include burners, fuel managenment, furnace controls, Morgan Isley. Full installation, commissioning and servicing provided.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of gas analysers for measurement of O2 using zirconia or paramagnetic analysis and CO, CO2, NO, SO2 etc using infrared analysis in combustion and process applications.
Canada | Distributor
Supplier of custom industrial combustion systems for gas, oil, and propane. Specializing in PLC and PC integrated control systems, panels, and flame safety controls.
Canada | Other
Tradeshow for the suppliers to the manufacturers of windows and doors.