Cutting Oil
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Italy | Other
A.ArchiVet produces and trades portable drilling machines, lifters, glasscutters, cerium and aluminium oxide for glaziers and the glass field in general
Germany | Manufacturer
High performance processing chemicals for flat, optical and hollow glass industry such as cutting fluids, coolants, interleavants, polishing agents, washing and cleaning compounds,flocculants and others.
United States | Distributor
Bohle America, Inc. is based in Charlotte, NC, Bohle is family business, founded in 1923 in Germany with locations all over the world! Our product divisions include:Handling,Glass Cutting (manual and automatic),Glass Bonding, Glazing, Tools, Machinery, Fittings and Surface Technology.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
UK based Lubricants manufacturer. Specialising in Oils, Greases, Anti-Seize products and maintenance sprays for the Glass Manufacfuring Sector.
Turkey | Manufacturer
We have been supplying glazier hand tools and consumables supplies as MAKRO firm for about 30 years. We can help you with all the tools you may need for glass. In addition, machine spare parts, cutting wheels, consumables, glass hardware, glass test device etc.
Belgium | Manufacturer
Creators and manufacturers has developed a range of special lubricants for the glass industry: special lubricants for container glass, for flat glass and glass wool.