Big-size Glazings
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Spain | Manufacturer
Tvitec is a global company that in seven years has become the first Spanish manufacturer of architectural glass, and one of the leading companies of its sector in Europe. We supply eco-efficient glass for singular projects around the world. Tvitec process Big Size insulated glass over 12 metres.
United States | Manufacturer
Led by an experienced team, Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions BGAS is your single source provider to harden any space, or protect anyone and everything that you may be concerned about.
Turkey | Manufacturer
CAMYAPI was established at the end of 1999 in Istanbul with 800 m2 closed area and 12 personnel to produce architectural glass. By continue to invest depending on developing technology since our foundation, we became the first company capable of handling jumbo glass sizes in Turkey.
United States | Manufacturer
Cristacurva fabricates technically complex high quality glass products while striving exceed our customer’s expectations. We have contributed to a great number of World reknown projects collaborating with the most recognized architects and installers, turning their design into reality.
Spain | Manufacturer
Curved Glass is equipped with the latest and highest technology, designed for the production of large glass with complex shapes and multiple and unique solutions.
Italy | Manufacturer
We sell new and used machinery. Also we produce, repair service, support and spare parts for machinery for the processing of glass.
United States | Manufacturer
At FENEX, we provide custom and oversized architectural, impact, and specialty windows, skylight and glazing. Our products are designed to fit none-standard project while being impact-rated to provide unmatched safety and security.
Bahrain | Manufacturer
Glasstech Industries B.S.C is one of the largest glass processing facilities in the region with up to 1 million square meter of glass processing capacity per year. We specialize in providing our customers with a complete array of world-class glass processing solutions - all under One Roof.
China | Manufacturer
Guangzhou Sky Tiger Tempered Glass Co., Ltd is a modern professional enterprise with expertise in premium quality glass processing. A wide range of professional glass-processing production equipment is used to produce highest quality lines of flat and bent tempered glass, insulating glass, etc.
Poland | Manufacturer
We are glass processing company with many years of experience. We work with JUMBO glass size. Grinding, drilling, hardening and lamination (etc). We also send glass abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us or send inquiry.
United States | Industry service
A New York–based architectural services company specializing in facade and curtain wall design.
Mexico | Manufacturer
What started as just a dream has grown into a well-established Mexican company bringing the highest-quality architectural glass to the national and international market. The founders of Millet Glass Industries are pioneers in Mexican glass manufacturing.
United States | Manufacturer
Specializing in luxury homes, we have the expertise to take even the most complex glass feature and execute it with prestige quality. Opulent Glass Inc. is the leading expert in installing oversized doors, panels, and glass railing in residential design.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
With continuing investment in our highly automated manufacturing capability, including bar coded order tracking and integration with our customers’ own manufacturing systems, we bring exceptional transparency to IGU supply, giving you the visibility to plan your work schedules.
United States | Manufacturer
Performance Glass is a leader in providing the highest quality glass and glazing workmanship in South Florida. We specialize in high-end, interior, and exterior commercial glazing.