Heat Soak Test
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United Arab Emirates | Manufacturer
UAE glass processor , specialising in high rise curtain-wall buildings , point-fix systems , structural assemblies , balustrades , doors etc....
United Arab Emirates | Manufacturer
UAE glass company specialized in manufacturin of solar control and low emissivity coated glass and related processes, point-fix and frameless assemblies, glass for doors and windows.
Italy | Manufacturer
Glass trade and processor for tempered glass, hst, insulating glass.
United Arab Emirates | Manufacturer
Burhani Glass Factory (BGF) serve the growing demand for Architectural Glasses. Having installed the latest equipments to test Distortion, Fragmentation, Surface Compression Stress and Bow Tolerances.Burhani Glass conforms to American Standard ASTM 1048 and ANZI Z-97. 1 as well as European Standard.
India | Manufacturer
Clearstone Glass is one of the largest and most advanced glass processers with a State-of-the-art manufacturing unit based in eastern India, manufacturing Toughened , Laminated, Insulated, Heat-Strengethened, Designer and various high end / Innovative glasses.
Germany | Industry service
Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) plays a pivotal role in the construction industry: with its approvals and assessments, it ensures the safety of construction works while fostering the development of innovative construction products and techniques. DIBt is a technical authority and a service
United Kingdom | Distributor
Supplier of high performance insulating glass units and spandrel panels.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Designers and manufacturers of electrically heated flat glass tempering systems and heat soak test ovens.
Ukraine | Manufacturer
LLC Glass Team is a glass processor in Ukraine (Kyiv). We have high-tech equipment and extensive experience in the glass industry since 2008. Our company's suppliers are leading glass manufacturers such as Guardian, AGC, Pilkington and others. Be so kind as to get acquainted with our company.
Bahrain | Manufacturer
Glasstech Industries B.S.C is one of the largest glass processing facilities in the region with up to 1 million square meter of glass processing capacity per year. We specialize in providing our customers with a complete array of world-class glass processing solutions - all under One Roof.
United Arab Emirates | Manufacturer
Processing company in Sharjah, U.A.E., with product range of security glass, tempered glass, curve tempered glass, heat soaking, laminated glass, bullet and blast resistant glass, fire resistant glass, solar control glass products
United States | Manufacturer
J.E. Berkowitz, a Consolidated Glass Holdings, Inc. company, is a leading architectural glass fabricator in the United States. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, committed to excellence and quality in the processing and distribution of architectural glass products.
Saudi Arabia | Manufacturer
Komate Glass is a quality glass processor certified to produce Tempered, laminated and IG units glass. Our factory is based in Sudair Industrail City north of Riyadh.
Canada | Trade agent
Since 1998, Marc Prevost Machinery Inc. supplies machines, parts, consumables, support and service to the glass processing market.
Germany | Manufacturer
Hot air autoclave for the production of laminated safety glass