Switchable Film
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United Kingdom | Manufacturer
We offer a full range of window film products for commercial , auto and domestic use. One thin layer of window film can simultaneously protect you from harmful UV rays, save you money and improve your safety.
Taiwan | Manufacturer
BenQ Materials (originally Daxon Technology Inc.) was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan. We started as an optical storage manufacturer and have evolved our core business towards materials science.
| Manufacturer
Chiefway is the world largest brand of directly stcking smart film.
United States | Manufacturer
manufacturer of switchable film, used in glass lamination to produce electrically-operated privacy glass. high-speed low-haze. made in california.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Contra Vision has developed specialist, high-quality printing techniques which enhance architectural glass with a combination of benefits including one-way vision and privacy, color and decoration, solar control and shading, and manifestation for both humans and to eliminate bird collisions.
United States | Distributor
The Nation's #1 Franchisor of window film, graphics and specialty surface solutions.
China | Manufacturer
EB SMART GLASS is a platform for interior design material expecially electric glass shade. Specialize in fabricate Switchable Smart Glass & Smart Pdlc Film.
India | Manufacturer
Edge Glass is Specialized in providing innovative switchable smart glass/films solutions to customers across India with 23 different branches.
Israel | Other
Gauzy is a vendor of material science and globally recognized leader in the development of LCG® (Light Control Glass) such as Liquid Crystal and SPD Films. These technologies can either be laminated into, or retrofitted onto, transparent materials such as glass.
Hong Kong SAR China | Manufacturer
GlassTinte develops, manufactures and distributes superior quality smart window film and privacy switchable glass that inspire the services that are engaged in the design of architecture or construction by creating innovative, comfortable, secure and energy efficient solutions that benefit ...
China | Manufacturer
We are business in EVA film and PDLC switchable film(glass) in China since 2007. we currently have 3 production lines of EVA film and 2 production lines for the smart switchable film production, And with 2 sets of EVA lamination line, maximum width of the PDLC film is 1.8M. With extra clear PDLC .
Australia | Manufacturer
Leading Technology developer and supplier of switchable glass films including liquid crystal and spd technology. Supplying to many glass laminators in the Globe through licensing.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Intelligent Glass™ - IG™- is the specialist Switchable Film and Glass Division of Pro Display. IG has a class leading range of PDLC film and glass products - the broadest range currently available in the market.
China | Manufacturer
Our company had been in (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Technology industry for more than 20 years. As PDLC Technology Product(PDLC Smart film and PDLC Switchable glass) Developer and Manufacturer, we had produced high quality and excellent PDLC Film / Switchable Glass/Dimming glass.
Italy | Manufacturer
Specialized in the supply and installation of passive solar shading, the safety of glass surfaces and the distribution of the SWICHO Smart Film.