Bomb-blast Glass
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United States | Manufacturer
At Action Bullet Resistant we are specialists in fabricating bullet resistant windows and doors, blast resistant windows and doors, and also non-bullet resistant storefronts and architectural metal systems.
Israel | Distributor
A worldwide leading company provides all glass physical and security integrated-solutions for most hazards (solar, burglary, bomb blasts, etc.). Professional installation of all its products.
United States | Industry service
Architectural Glass Services is a commercial glazing contractor founded in 1992. The company recently came under the KENPAT group of companies. We serve all of the Central Florida area and offer top-level service for commercial projects.
Turkey | Manufacturer
As Ada Cam Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. under the brand name Armass Glass® based upon 32 years of the bullet resistant glass sector experience, our initial goal was to present confidence and quality to our customers for an issue which is of particular concern to human life.
United States | Manufacturer
Led by an experienced team, Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions BGAS is your single source provider to harden any space, or protect anyone and everything that you may be concerned about.
United States | Industry service
Bell Glass provides Commercial Glazing Contract Projects throughout the state of Texas. Our commerical glass construction capabilities include Aluminum Entrances, Curtain Walls, Storefronts, Specialty and Automatic Entrances, Windows, Glazing and Translucent Panels.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Importers and distributors of protective and decorative window films throughout the UK and Europe. We have become the largest independant distributor in the UK.
| Industry service
French Company for installation window film : solar and security.Bomb blast.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Scotland's specialist aluminium glass firm focusing on curtain walling, doors, windows, glass roofing systems, shop fronts, bullet, bomb and blast resistant glass.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Specialising in architectural glass, security glass, and transport glass, we are experts in our sector and trusted globally to provide high quality, bespoke, UK manufactured products to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.
Jordan | Manufacturer
Elite Glass Industries Co. (EGI) was established in 2013 as a premier global provider of state-of-the-art armored ballistic glass. Based in Jordan at the KADDB Industrial Park, EGI is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of bulletproof glass solutions.
United States | Manufacturer
At FENEX, we provide custom and oversized architectural, impact, and specialty windows, skylight and glazing. Our products are designed to fit none-standard project while being impact-rated to provide unmatched safety and security.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Architectural window film and glass containment specialists offering an immediate, cost-effective retrofit solution to problems associated with building glass and glazing including energy saving solar control, health and safety anti-shatter, enhanced security/blast protection and privacy/graphics.
Canada | Industry service
Glass Protection Solutions specializes in glass fragmentation retention systems, solar films, safety security films. We work with our costumers to find a solution that fits their need.
Saudi Arabia | Manufacturer
Glass Specialized Industries (GSI) is a Glass fabrication factory with more than 30 years experience in the architecture glass sector in the area. GSI was previously known as Almadouie Aluminium and Glass Factory MAG.