Switchable Glass
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United States | Manufacturer
Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is the world’s leading innovator in self-tinting dynamic glass.
| Manufacturer
Safety, security and protection solutions for personal use and the workplace, including building protection, information security, traffic safety products from 3M.
United States | Manufacturer
Jayne Roy began her love for stained glass 20 + years ago. What began as a hobby in a home studio is now a hobby gone wild located in a commercial building, which is a welcoming environment for Jayne to share her passion with others.
United States | Manufacturer
We promote the 3M™ Window Film technology of the 3M Company while maintaining the highest standards of products, services, and craftsmanship within the window film industry.
China | Manufacturer
A leading supplier and exporter of deep-processing glass products in China.
Chile | Manufacturer
China professional manufacturer of architectural glass.
Taiwan | Manufacturer
Ambio Film is a major chemical material manufacturer of Smart Film. Our patented PEDOT material makes us the only Smart Film to withstand 20+ years of durability with 99.9% UV coverage and 94% IR resistance allowing for sun exposure, revolutionizing the playing field & standard of the industry.
Canada | Distributor
Buy do-it-yourself window film and tinting kits online for business, home and auto. Solar control, privacy, decorative frosts and patterns.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Spectrophotometers for analysis of thin-film coatings and accurate measurement of total transmittance and reflectance, thickness and absorption. Software includes solar calulations.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Professional mobile window tinting service for all cars. Based in Yorkshire, Auto Design Tints has been working in the window / film automotive sector for the last 12 years.
United States | Manufacturer
Family owned wih 3 Generations of field experience. Our main objective is quality work at a fair price and to meet our client's schedule. Will help consult on your water proofing concerns for your Glazing Designs.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Importers and distributors of protective and decorative window films throughout the UK and Europe. We have become the largest independant distributor in the UK.
| Manufacturer
Chiefway is the world largest brand of directly stcking smart film.
United States | Manufacturer
manufacturer of switchable film, used in glass lamination to produce electrically-operated privacy glass. high-speed low-haze. made in california.
United States | Manufacturer
Sales of ito coated glass, ito coatings, transparent conductive thin films, sio2 barrier coatings for use in lcd, flat panel display, oled, mems.