Switchable Glass
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China | Manufacturer
We are manufacturer of superior EVA film with both SGCC and CE certification. We are supplying super high transparency EVA film , color EVA film , low temperature EVA film and EVA film specially for smart glass lamination . Besides, all lamination accessories like green tape , silicon bag available
China | Manufacturer
Since 1989, we are professionals in the glass industry.
United States | Manufacturer
Paul Rabinowitz Glass is recognized as a leading commercial glass and door comp. in the tri-state area.Thanks to the commitment of three generations of Rabinowitz leaders,the company continues to deliver exceptional workmanship and unrivaled service as the industry’s glass,aluminum,and door experts.
| Manufacturer
Safety, security and protection solutions for personal use and the workplace, including building protection, information security, traffic safety products from 3M.
United States | Manufacturer
Jayne Roy began her love for stained glass 20 + years ago. What began as a hobby in a home studio is now a hobby gone wild located in a commercial building, which is a welcoming environment for Jayne to share her passion with others.
United States | Manufacturer
We promote the 3M™ Window Film technology of the 3M Company while maintaining the highest standards of products, services, and craftsmanship within the window film industry.
China | Manufacturer
A leading supplier and exporter of deep-processing glass products in China.
Chile | Manufacturer
China professional manufacturer of architectural glass.
Canada | Distributor
Buy do-it-yourself window film and tinting kits online for business, home and auto. Solar control, privacy, decorative frosts and patterns.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Spectrophotometers for analysis of thin-film coatings and accurate measurement of total transmittance and reflectance, thickness and absorption. Software includes solar calulations.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Professional mobile window tinting service for all cars. Based in Yorkshire, Auto Design Tints has been working in the window / film automotive sector for the last 12 years.
United States | Manufacturer
Family owned wih 3 Generations of field experience. Our main objective is quality work at a fair price and to meet our client's schedule. Will help consult on your water proofing concerns for your Glazing Designs.
Taiwan | Manufacturer
BenQ Materials (originally Daxon Technology Inc.) was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan. We started as an optical storage manufacturer and have evolved our core business towards materials science.
United States | Manufacturer
We specialize in glass wall systems, frameless glass wall systems, french doors, frameless shower doors, sliding and swing door systems, glass partitions, nanawall, fleetwood doors, wardrobe doors, glass dry erase boards, switchable & smart glass and bifold glass doors.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Importers and distributors of protective and decorative window films throughout the UK and Europe. We have become the largest independant distributor in the UK.