Spacer Bars
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China | Manufacturer
OYADE is a professional high-tech manufacturer of insulating glass materials. Mainly produce aluminum spacer bar, butyl sealant, silicone sealant, structural sealant and molecular sieves. It is one of the biggest IG components supplier in China as well has 12 years manufacturing experience.
India | Manufacturer
Certified company producing aluminium extruded profiles and hardware.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Established in 1977, DGS is the only manufacturer and distributor in the UK to offer a complete range of products for the Window & Door industry; sealed unit consumables, window and door hardware, plastics and fitting materials.
Germany | Manufacturer
Supplier of rubber foam spacer, Super Spacer®, true warm edge technology for energy efficient sealed insulating glass units. With the flexible Super Spacer® - Edgetech has revolutionized the insulating glass production.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Espa profil begun its activities on 2001 has accessed to insulating glass sector by producing pvc spacer bar for double glass. You can reach at pvc profile without buyl or with butyl.Also we have polysulfide(thiokol) which manufactured in Turkey, molecular sieve which has EN 1279 Standarts,and also our company stock include butyl, corner…
Greece | Manufacturer
Sell products for insulating glass and aluminium accesories.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacture of aluminium and stainless steel spacer, various welded and extruded muntin bar systems.Herstellung von Aluminiumabstandhaltern und Edelstahlabstandhaltern, geschweissten und extrudierten Sprossensystemen
China | Manufacturer
INTEC is an all-round spacer & glass supplier. INTEC SPACER provides quality air spacers at competitive price while INTEC GLASS focuses on insulating glass processing. Meanwhile, INTEC has been an authorized distributor of glass of all types and insulating glass accessories for years.
Poland | Manufacturer
Metal Union sp. z o.o. is a modern precision profiles manufacturer from Poland. We produce thin-walled profiles made of steel strips. We are specialized in production of spacer bars in stainless and galvanized steel for insulating glass industry.
Denmark | Manufacturer
Rolltech A/S is a manufacturer of spacer bars in stainless and galvanized steel.
Switzerland | Manufacturer
SWISSPACER Vetrotech Saint-Gobain (International) AG is specialized on to develop, manufacture and market the new ''warm edge'' system Sgg Swisspacer, made by glass-fibre reinforced organic material.
Germany | Manufacturer
As the world leader in thermally optimized hybrid plastic spacers for insulating glass, our thermally improved edge bond solutions and special components work to greatly reduce heat loss.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Tek Metal Profil founded in 1985, since than the company keeps it’s leading position. Tek Metal produces, Aluminium spacer bars, polysulphide sealant, butyl sealant, molecular sieve and corner keys used in insulating glass production. We have all in Tek Metal concept for IG metarials business.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Designer and manufacturer of a range of Georgian bars to offer the most authentic look to PVCu Window.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Supply of Insulated Glazing components and precision non ferrous tubes.