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China | Manufacturer
Ecod Specialties (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. is a leading Benzoic ester plasticizer manufacturer of DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE(DPGDB), CAS:27138-31-4 and DIETHYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE(DEGDB), CAS:120-55-8 and other kinds of esters. Eco-friendly plasticizer to replace phthalate plasticizer DOP DINP,ect.
Italy | Manufacturer
Fenzi produces paints for glass and sealants for double glazing; sister company Alupro produces aluminium and warm edge spacer bar for IG.
United States | Manufacturer
A.P. Extrusion, Inc. specializes in high tolerance, small diameter tubing, and profiles for the medical and fiber optic industries.
Germany | Manufacturer
Supply program: Moulded parts, coatings, Sheetware, semi-finished goods, Wheels, Mixer spares for concrete industry, Coatings by spray techniques, etc.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Azon groundbreaking thermal barrier technologies originating from the AZO/Tec® design team—including Azo-Core™ for commercial window, storefront. Azon is a prime partner with a growing number of aluminium extruders and window companies in the Americas, Europe, Asia and worldwide
United States | Manufacturer
Maunfacturers of Insulating Glass Sealant.
United States | Distributor
For maximum security and to maintain the Original Equipment Manufacturer condition, DINOL offers a complete, high quality bonding system for Auto Glass Replacement.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, active in markets all over the world, specialist supplier to many industry sectors, including the automotive, construction, footwear, furniture industries.
| Manufacturer
Le Joint Français(LJF) is an international manufacturer of sealants , adhesives and coatings for the Insulating glass, Aerospace and Automotive markets.
Spain | Manufacturer
Engineer and Manufacturer of Technical & Optical Films for professional Glass Laminators. Located at the South East Coast of Spain, our Films can be used for different applications: Ballistic protection, IR protection, Fire resistance, Security in Architectural and Transport, or e-Glass.
Germany | Manufacturer
German manufacturers of sealants on basis of polysulphide and polyurethane for insulating glass production.
Italy | Distributor
Sellers of products for glass industry as diamond wheels, polyurethane, polysulphide, molecular sieves, frits, hot melt.
United States | Distributor
SRP Totalseal features OEM adhesives, cleaners and tools to the AGR industry.
Latvia | Manufacturer
TENAX is the largest producer of insulation materials in the Baltic States with the trademark TENAPORS, which is characterized by high quality and a wide range of opportunities for use regarding all kinds of insulation jobs and various materials for the hermetic sealing.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Suppliers of adhesives, tools, repair systems and consumable products to the windscreen replacement industry.We supply Equalizer, Esprit, BTB, Fein and other quality tools.