Hot Melt
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Turkey | Manufacturer
Cambas Machine manufactures the products which the firms need for producing PVC and double-glass. This company exports most of its production.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Ellsworth specialises in the distribution of specialty chemicals, adhesives and dispensing equipment, representing leading international manufacturers like Dow Corning, Dymax, 3M, Henkel, Bostik, and Techcon.
Greece | Manufacturer
Epco s.a. is manufacturing insulated glass sealants like hot-melt butyl, PIB and 2 part polysulphide.
Turkey | Manufacturer
As Ersan Machine, we are producing insulating glass production machinery as glass cutting machines&lines, automatic glass combining&panel pressing lines, glass washing machine, profile preparation machine, isolation machines, and auxiliary isolation machines within our factory in Istanbul, Turkey.
Turkey | Manufacturer
We produce and sell glass washing machines and glass cutting machines.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturers in Europe for sealants and adhesives for the insulating glass industry.
Greece | Distributor
Kostis Bros is an import and export distributer company for glass and i.g .materials.
Greece | Distributor
Trade Company in the field of materials for Insulating Glass Units. With exports in Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia, Russia and Romania and other countries.
Turkey | Manufacturer
NEDEX is producing chemicals and accessorizes for insulating glass. The primary product groups are molecular sieves, polysulfides, hotmelt, butyl, aluminium and warm-edge spacers and insulated edge solutions.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of dispensing systems for hotmelt adhesives and cold glues. From hand held systems to high speed applications for automated processes.