Hot Melt
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United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Thermoseal Group Limited is the UK window industry's leading supplier of insulated glass sealed unit components and machinery for glass sealed unit manufacturing.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Cambas Machine manufactures the products which the firms need for producing PVC and double-glass. This company exports most of its production.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Ellsworth specialises in the distribution of specialty chemicals, adhesives and dispensing equipment, representing leading international manufacturers like Dow Corning, Dymax, 3M, Henkel, Bostik, and Techcon.
Greece | Manufacturer
Epco s.a. is manufacturing insulated glass sealants like hot-melt butyl, PIB and 2 part polysulphide.
Italy | Industry service
Established in 2015 as an individual division of Falorni Gianfranco Srl, Falorni Tech provide solutions as melting furnaces and related equipment, glass engineering, working end, turnkey solutions, EPCC, consultancy in a wide range of fields : hollow glass, container glass, mineral wool, mosaic.
Luxembourg | Industry service
Since 1987, FIBS is providing the industry with solutions for the hot repair of refractories, for the preventive maintenance and for the reduction of air emissions: Cermaic Welding, Liquid Dusting, Endoscopic Inspections..
Poland | Manufacturer
We provide advanced technology for glassworks. We design and construct complete batch plants and furnaces along with delivering machinery, equipment and control system for glass melting.
Turkey | Manufacturer
We produce and sell glass washing machines and glass cutting machines.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturers in Europe for sealants and adhesives for the insulating glass industry.
Greece | Distributor
Kostis Bros is an import and export distributer company for glass and i.g .materials.
Greece | Distributor
Trade Company in the field of materials for Insulating Glass Units. With exports in Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia, Russia and Romania and other countries.
Turkey | Manufacturer
NEDEX is producing chemicals and accessorizes for insulating glass. The primary product groups are molecular sieves, polysulfides, hotmelt, butyl, aluminium and warm-edge spacers and insulated edge solutions.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of dispensing systems for hotmelt adhesives and cold glues. From hand held systems to high speed applications for automated processes.