Smart Glass
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China | Manufacturer
We are manufacturer of superior EVA film with both SGCC and CE certification. We are supplying super high transparency EVA film , color EVA film , low temperature EVA film and EVA film specially for smart glass lamination . Besides, all lamination accessories like green tape , silicon bag available
China | Manufacturer
Since 1989, we are professionals in the glass industry.
Croatia | Manufacturer
Formator manufactures tempered glass and laminated glass for special applications. Glass for marine applications. Glass with SGP foil.
United States | Manufacturer
Paul Rabinowitz Glass is recognized as a leading commercial glass and door comp. in the tri-state area.Thanks to the commitment of three generations of Rabinowitz leaders,the company continues to deliver exceptional workmanship and unrivaled service as the industry’s glass,aluminum,and door experts.
Malaysia | Manufacturer
AV Discovery (M) Sdn Bhd is a system integrator specializing in full-service design and installation of development projects locally and overseas. Our forte is a core competency in Information Technology, Audio Visual deployments, and Smart Glass solutions that include services for design.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Avalon Glass offer a UK wide Architectural and Stuctural glass service, supplying smart glass, glass balustrades glazed screens, bolted glass and structural glass floors. Avalon Glass are able to complete fast track projects in Refurbishment, Fit out, Residential and Newbuild projects with quality Programme and budget constraints.
Taiwan | Manufacturer
BenQ Materials (originally Daxon Technology Inc.) was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan. We started as an optical storage manufacturer and have evolved our core business towards materials science.
United States | Manufacturer
We specialize in glass wall systems, frameless glass wall systems, french doors, frameless shower doors, sliding and swing door systems, glass partitions, nanawall, fleetwood doors, wardrobe doors, glass dry erase boards, switchable & smart glass and bifold glass doors.
China | Manufacturer
Borita is one of leading smart film, PDLC films factory in China,which is a famous brand at smart films & switchable smart glass industry. It belongs to Kunshan Borita New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd, which was established In 2010.
| Manufacturer
Chiefway is the world largest brand of directly stcking smart film.
Sweden | Manufacturer
The sun is the creator of our climate. ChromoGenics is the creator of high performance facade glass in harmony with the climate. Welcome to more brightness, smarter sun blocking and decreased energy costs.
United States | Manufacturer
manufacturer of switchable film, used in glass lamination to produce electrically-operated privacy glass. high-speed low-haze. made in california.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
The North of Englands manufacturer of double glazed sealed units.
South Africa | Industry service
Specialize in custom designed Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrades, South Africa
Australia | Manufacturer
ClearVue PV technology can transform a glass building into a massive solar panel, generating power where it's needed, reducing power transmission requirements across large distances.Our technology is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and provides a sustainable new power generation capacity.