Energy Saving
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Pulls it at your home, you no longer feel because your old windows sure you want to reduce heating costs, or you can not sleep because of the noise? The Minergie certified renovation window RF1 made ​​of wood and aluminum with energy efficiency class A windows.
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We promote the 3M™ Window Film technology of the 3M Company while maintaining the highest standards of products, services, and craftsmanship within the window film industry.
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Company Alkam designed, manufactured and installed modern, energy-efficient glass facades in the primary structure distinguished by their long lifespan.
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Brian Attwater, with over 30 years sales and marketing experience in the window and conservatory Industry, joined forces with his son Mark back in 2008.
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Conserving energy resources, while reducing greenhouse gases, is possible in commercial buildings when windows are produced with Azon structural thermal barrier technologies in the framing system.
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Only the companies that provide excellent service and quality are approved by the manufacturer, Solutia's Performance Films Division to carry Vista products.
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CNG has a variety of products ranging from colorless transparent glass, body coloring glass, energy-saving coated glass, automotive glass, car mirror glass, electronic glass, photovoltaic glass, home electric appliance glass, medical glass, etc.
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A China government supported expo., your gateway to China prosperous market.
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Chrislynn Energy Services helps manufacturers control their natural gas and electricity prices. CES provides dozens of suppliers and choices for clients regarding their energy.
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Company in heatable glass. 20 years experiance of heatable glass for the construction market and shipping in Nordic. More than 1500 references.
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We are located in downtown Charlottesville, VA at 1720 Allied Street. We sell 3M™ Window Films exclusively, but we are not a franchise. The owner and employees work and live in the Charlottesville area.
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Colorado Springs Window Film delivers superior residential and commercial window film services for the Colorado Springs area and surrounding cities.
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We have been in business for over 20 years offering residential and commercial property protection against heat, theft and vandalism.
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Custom Tint Solutions is proud to be the trusted window tinting contractor in the San Antonio area. We offer the largest, most comprehensive selection of window tinting solutions, ensuring you'll find the right investment for your commercial or residential property.
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Tilt-Turn aluminum windows and Doors with thermal barrier.