Diamond Wheels
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China | Manufacturer
Beijing GreatDia Superhard Tools Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of diamond tools and abrasive tools, which is widely used in automotive glass processing, solar glass processing, and high standard flat glass processing.
Italy | Manufacturer
ADI, the Application of Industrial Diamond, is an Italian company founded in 1980 in Thiene (Vicenza) and a worldwide leader in the production of diamond tools for stone, ceramics, mechanics, glass and optics.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Electroplated Diamond & CBN Form Tools.
Germany | Manufacturer
Since 50 years, the “Bärhausen Company” in Germany is a well- known manufacturing and trading organisation for nearly all kinds of abrasive, cutting and grinding units for metal, glass, natural stone and construction industry.
Italy | Manufacturer
Belfortglass began its operations in 1971, with the development of butyl extruders and extruders for mono and bi-component glazing sealants; it began diversification a few years later, with the production of diamond tools.
Italy | Manufacturer
Biesse Group is a global leader in technologies for processing wood, glass, stone, advanced material and metal. It designs, manufactures and distributes machines, integrated systems and software for manufacturers of furniture, door/window frames and components for the construction, ship-building...
China | Manufacturer
Manufacturing electroplated diamond tools for extensive industrial applications.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacture and exporter for abrasives and refractory materials products in China. We supply white fused alumina, brown fused alumina, vice-white fused alumina, fused spinel, etc.
France | Manufacturer
DIAMATEC manufactures diamond, CBN grinding wheels, and other diamond tools such as cutting discs, files, drills, routers, and also everything you need to maintain the lifetime of your tools : sharpening stones, diamond dressers...
Italy | Manufacturer
Our know-how has been growing for 35 years now; the all-Italian quality of our core drills and diamond tools is highly appreciated all over the world, especially in the most technologically advanced countries in glass processing and in recent years, also in Russia, Arab countries, South America etc.
United States | Manufacturer
Since 1985 Dianamic manufactures diamond grinding wheels for cutting, beveling, edging and drilling glass products.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Synthetic diamond grindging wheels, drills, powder, whetstones etc.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
DK Holdings manufacture and supply Electroformed Diamond Drills, Electroplated Countersinks, Reamers, Band Saws, Resin Bond Wheels and Saws.
Germany | Distributor
Diamond tools at discount prices for construction and industry sector.
Singapore | Manufacturer
A specialize manufacturer of glass cutting, edging, shaping, bevelling diamond tooling.