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Austria | Manufacturer
SOFTSOLUTION specialises in automatic glass inspection systems, glass quality assurance systems, electronic image capture and software development in the glass industry. Get more info:
Austria | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of high-tech machines and plants for the insulating glass and glass processing industry.
Austria | Trade agent
IGMS Sinzinger GmbH is trading with used machinery for the flat glass industry such as complete DGU productions, DGU lines and single machinery as gas fill press, automatic sealing robot, vertical and horizontal washing machine, tilt table, cutting tables and much more...
Austria | Manufacturer
WENNA manufatures curved safety glass incl. tempered (SECURIT CONTOUR), laminated (STADIP CONTOUR) and insulated glass units (CLIMAPLUS & CLIMATOP CONTOUR) for many fields of applications such as facades, interior design, furniture, marine, etc.. High quality, competitive prices, short delivery.