Church Windows
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United States | Manufacturer
Custom designed stained glass or art glass windows for architectural, commercial, liturgical, residential settings.
United States | Manufacturer
Full service professional studio offering custom design, manufacture and installation of stained glass windows for homes and churches. Also, repair and compleyte restoration of antique leaded glass windows. On-site service, consultation and specialty service. Visit our showroom in Oak Park, Il.
United States | Manufacturer
Windows for worship spaces of all denominations. Stained & painted glass, faceted dalle-de-verre, laminated glass and mosaics.
United States | Manufacturer
Handmade by glass artists with 30 years experience. Custom orders. Professional work with personal service.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Leaded lights and traditional glazing leaded windows, church windows.
United States | Manufacturer
Alabama artist, Nicki Walker Masterson uses centuries old techniques to build authentic leaded stained glass and beveled glass windows. Churches, homes, businesses.
United States | Manufacturer
Design and fabrication of deeply embossed and painted kiln-cast art glass for architectural installations. We combine artistic and large-scale production expertise.
United States | Other
Make Life Beautiful - Handmade Stained & Leaded Glass Windows in Denver
United Kingdom | Distributor
Dealers in antique hand painted stained glass windows, from Victorian to Edwardian.