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Qingdao Yuanding High Alloy Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is entitled with import and export right. The products range from high temperature alloy spun casting pipes, heat-resistant steel, heat-resistant alloy casting pieces, precision alloy castings, to industrial oven spare parts and ordinary machinery.In the area of building materials and glass industry, the company can provide the lift-out rollers for float glass production line, rollers for regulating,rollers for annealing lehr, bending rollers for Glaverbel process, table rollers, and rollers for rolled glass production etc.In the area of steel and metallurgical industry, the supporting products include cold roll galvanizing line, cold roll plating continue back line, cold roll silicon-steel continue back line, heat-galvanizing with steel line which provides all kinds of specification,material W-type gas heat radiant tube, U-type gas heat radiant tube, the radiant tube of straight tube, hearth rolls, carbon-fitting rolls, heat immerse galvanizing sink rolls, stabilization rolls, heat-tension rolls and the roll head of furnace inner, cobalt alloy slide block. In the area of petrochemical industry, the kid product including: Synthesize ammonia hydrogen-making furnace tube, Methyl alcohol equipment reformer tube, Ethylene cracking furnace tubes and kinds of high-temperature alloy static casting, Precision casting tetra-fitting and casting.