Patterned glass

Patterned glass
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China | Manufacturer
Qingdao AEON Glass Co., Ltd is a professional glass manufacturer and exporter in China. After 15 years sustained development, we have exported glass to more 90 countries in the world.
United States | Manufacturer
AFG Industries, Inc. is an integrated and diversified glass producer and fabricator headquartered in Kingsport, TN. AFG is part of the Asahi Glass Company and is one of the leading glass organizations in North America.
Philippines | Manufacturer
The Philippines' flat glass manufacturer. Our products include clear float, tinted float, figured and mirror.
Honduras | Distributor
We are Sales Agents working on commission basis in Honduras, serving the trade and industry in Central America.
United States | Distributor
We are a glass distributor located in Denver, Colorado.
China | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of frosting glass, acid etched pattern glass, glass frosting powder, mirrors.
Ukraine | Manufacturer
Our plant produces figured and wired rolled glass.
Turkey | Manufacturer
A company producing decorative and satin glass.
Belgium | Distributor
EVM specialized in trading in Benelux, France, Germany and United Kingdom.
United States | Manufacturer
GlasPro is a trusted American fabricator of architectural, structural, and decorative custom glass for discerning architects, designers and glaziers. With decades of expertise in the glass industry, GlasPro’s mission is to deliver on its customers’ creative visions with exceptional custom products.
Poland | Manufacturer
The main product of our Glassworks is rolled flat pattern glass. We manufacture the most popular patterns of glass, which can be used in the furniture or building industry, for door glazing or partition walls. We offer the following patterns of glass: 6, 31, 35, 101, 105, 118, 120, 120 CATHEDRAL and 224 thickness 3mm – 10mm, plain wired glass,…
India | Manufacturer
We are figured and wired glass manufacturer.
China | Distributor
Haki glass & mirror (Qingdao) Co., Ltd, one of the chief architectural glass suppliers in China, was established in 2006.
China | Manufacturer
Company specializing in glass and black carbon production, float and patterned glass factory.
China | Distributor
DingTang Imp. &Exp. Trading Co., Ltd., specializes in the manufacture and export of various kinds of glass products.
China | Manufacturer
Our company has introduced overseas advanced technology and established two domestically advanced rolling production lines. Our main products are different patterns of glass.