Raw materials

Raw materials
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China | Manufacturer
BOST is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of glass anti-stain interleaving/lucor powder. Our company is specialized in researching/developing/manufacturing glass anti-stain interleaving material and its spraying system. So far over 75% of Chinese float glass factories are BOST customer.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Supplier of high quality cost effective raw materials for glass melting including oxides and compounds of cerium, neodymium, erbium, selenium, lithiu mm niobium and tantalum.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of precious and base metal sputtering targets for coating applications.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Established in 1972, Adelco is a world-class manufacturer of Jet Air Conveyor Drying Systems and Oval Automatic Screen Printing Presses serving the International garment printing industry. Our worldwide distribution network provides Customers with full sales and service support across 6 Continents.
Russia | Manufacturer
Optical plant supplying optical components: optical windows, optical lenses, prisms, ATRs, optical beamsplitters, optical mirrors, polarizers and interference filters for a wide range of optical devices such as: lasers, lydars, gas analyzers and detectors.
United States | Distributor
Distributor and fabricator of architectural trim and flashing. Stocking distributor of aluminum extrusions, mill & anodized. Large inventory of sheet product: anodized, painted, mill & stainless
Germany | Distributor
Rohstoffe fur die Glasindustrie; rawmaterial for the glassindustrieEisenarme Kalifeldspate, hochreine Glassande
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of cuprous oxide, cupric oxide, copper powder, and zinc oxide. Copper oxides for use as colorant for red or green glass or de-colorizer
United States | Manufacturer
America's manufacturer of rare earth colorants, cerium polishes, crystal and optic fluorides and dopants, including cerium, erbium, neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium, ytterbium, gallium arsenide
Egypt | Manufacturer
Welcome to Apex Xplor, a leading mining company focused on providing the purest and highest quality silica sand, silica flour, limestone, dolomite, kaolin and other raw materials.
Germany | Distributor
We are the Distributor of EVASAFE for the countries germany, austria, switzerland and the benelux-states.
Canada | Industry service
Flameworking studio and gallery. Your favourite bead store, lampwork studio and online shopping experience. We offer year round classes, and retail glass, tools and supplies.
| Industry service
Manufacturer and supplier of soda ash, sodium bicarbonate and associated alkaline chemicals.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Cambium Joinery is a leading manufacturer of the finest timber windows and timber doors.
Belgium | Industry service
Carmeuse is an international group leader in the production of dolomite, limestone, dolime (Magnesium oxide), quicklime and hydrated lime.
United States | Other
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