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Italy | Other
A.T.I.V. (Association of Italian Glass Technologists) is a no profit organisation founded in 1985. The main scope of the Association is update its members and promote the technical and scientific knowledge of glass makers and technicians of connected industries. The main activities are. organazation of international conferences and seminars.
| Industry service
European center for researches and training in the glass-work.
China | Other
Chinstar Fair Co., Ltd is a professional organization that specializes in organizing and undertaking the large-scaled international exhibition and promoting the trade relations.
Italy | Industry service
Italian association of glass processing machinery and accessory suppliers.
Egypt | Industry service
The annual meeting for the Middle East & Africa glass industry.
United States | Industry service
Labor Union for the Glass Molder Pottery International with resources, organizing information, news and website building for workers in the Glass industry
United Kingdom | Industry service
An international organisation whose members are national glass societies. Activities include sponsorship of annual international conferences, a triennial congress, publishing, and technical committees.
United States | Industry service
SGCD is the association of companies that decorate glass and ceramicware. SGCD offers annual technical exhibition, seminars and regulatory monitoring.
Italy | Industry service
Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro is an economical glass research state body aiming at promoting the technological progress of the Italian glass industry through research, investigations and analyses.
Russia | Industry service
United National Council of glass industry enterprises StekloSouz of Russia.
Germany | Industry service
The German Association for glass machinery and plant manufacturers with various activities such as trade fairs in Germany and abroud and congresses about important subjects for the glass industry.
| Industry service
Vieglass is the the biggest and unique association that cover all the members who are manufacture factories, soles agency, distributors in architectural glass in Vietnam.