Glass for beverage

Glass for beverage
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China | Manufacturer
Aiqi China Glassware Packaging Co. We specialized in designing and manufacturing variety of liquor bottles wine container in super flint with high quality.
| Manufacturer
We produce kitchenware, containers and pharmaceutical bottles and giftware.
Ireland | Distributor
Leading Distributor of glass bottles and jars in the UK and Ireland
| Manufacturer
Arc International is a French manufacturer and distributor of household goods. It is the leading manufacturer of crystal and glassware in the world.Arc International currently licenses the Pyrex brand of cookware for sale in the European Union. Competitors include Lenox Group, World Kitchen and Waterford Wedgwood.
Turkey | Manufacturer
A manufacturing glassware company based in Turkey.
Czechia | Manufacturer
Development and production of glass containers (flint, green, HT green and amber colours).
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Contract decorator of glass containers, spray coating, screen printing, sleeving, labelling, contract packing, glass quality reworking.
Egypt | Manufacturer
producing glass table ware,car lamp glass lens,tumbler,stemware,plates...
Mexico | Manufacturer
Glassware manufacturer serving the consumer,food service,commercial and OEM market segments, offering tempered, annealed sodalime and borosilicate products.
Jordan | Manufacturer
Group of companies covering tableware products, specialized in Glassware business, decoration plant of 20 tons capacity using all decor techniques.
Germany | Manufacturer
Nachtmann is one of the most rapidly developing German prestige Glassware brands. Nachtmann is the most important manufacturing supplier of lead crystal in Germany. Their high quality products are well-known to consumers in over 70 countries worldwide. NACHTMANN'S attention to detail and unrivalled quality is well respected the world over,…
United States | Distributor
We are an online distributor of restaurant and bar supplies, with an excellent selection of glassware.
Pakistan | Manufacturer
Manufacturing Glass Bottles / jars, vials for pharma, food & beverage companies. Running 2 major glass plants in Pakistan for Amber and clear glass containers & flat glass
United States | Manufacturer
Mouth blown, hand made, clear soda lime glass, art glass, tank melt colored glass, made in USA, fused and slumped, cameo glass, 200 person shop.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
We are manufacturers and distributors of Packaging Products (Glass Bottle, Closures, Crimp Pumps and Boxes) used for perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries.