Sand-blasting machines

Sand-blasting machines
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United Kingdom | Distributor
Albert Equipment UK sell Belgian manufactured edgers, double edgers, bevellers, sandblasters, horizontal and vertical washers, drills and abrasive belt machines.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Cetingil Shotblasting Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional company that deals with manufacturing deburring, polishing, radiusing, derusting, descaling, degreasing, drying, shot blasting.
Spain | Manufacturer
50 years experience in the glass industry and more than 20 years specialization in sand-blasting machinery production.
Greece | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of sandblasting equipment and powder coating plants.
Italy | Manufacturer
Elettromeccanica G.C. manufactures new machinery and buys/sells second hand machinery.
Italy | Manufacturer
Fratelli Pezza produces a complete range of sand-blasting and marking machines for flat glass.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacture Sandblasting units since 1903 in the forth generation like dustfree blasters, pressure and injection cabinets, manuel and fully automatic, special units, compressors and accessories.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Supplier of vacuum lifters, cups, robots, mini-cranes, glass tools and glazing accessories for glass and materials vacuum lifting. Specialist in sandblasting machinery and mini-crane rental.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of Blast Finishing and Industrial Washing Equipment
Singapore | Manufacturer
Headquarter in Singapore, Ipro Tech development and manufacture of glass processing machines. Our core products Automatic Sandlast machine,Automatic Color coat (paint) machine, Drilling and washing machine.
China | Manufacturer
Shot Blasting Machine,Industrial Abrasive Manufacturer - JX Abrasives
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of grit etching machines and stencils for identification and decorative marking of glass.
Germany | Manufacturer
MHG Strahlanlagen is one of the leading manufacturers of compressed air blasting systems in Europe with first class references from trade and industry.
Italy | Distributor
Dealing company of glass and aluminium fittings and machinery.
Italy | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of sandblasting, shot blasting and shot peening machines and installations.