Glass floor

Glass floor
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Turkey | Manufacturer
Yorglass Satinated was founded in 1989 as the first acid-etched satin glass producer in Turkey and today offers unique designs in more than 60 countries all over the world.
United States | Manufacturer
AAG Glass Studios specializes in the creation of UL Approved glass stair treads and glass flooring - as well as other specialty glasses.
China | Manufacturer
A leading supplier and exporter of deep-processing glass products in China.
Italy | Manufacturer
We are sure perfection comes from balance, a balance we have constantly been searching at Artelinea. This is possible thanks to the technical skills of our artisans which enriches and completes the creativity of our designers.
United States | Manufacturer
Involved in the specialty glass industry. Manufacturing cast glass products and specialty laminated products that cannot be found elsewhere. AAG is redefining the specialty glass industry.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Retail and wholesale supply of glass mosaic tiles for pools, bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchens and splashbacks. Use indoors and outdoors. Special craft mixes for artists.
United States | Manufacturer
With over 35 years of experience, diamond tech proudly announces its new glass tile line. Manufacturer of quality glass tools, supplies and now tile.
United States | Manufacturer
Diamond Tech Tiles offers several lines of glass tiles, each with a distinctive look and feel to maximize their clients design possibilities.
Canada | Manufacturer
Edgewater’s custom glass tiles are created in connectable shapes and are back painted to match any paint swatch in clear gloss or matte finishes.
United States | Manufacturer
EIG manufactures glass tiles in large sizes. Many standard colors available. Custom orders welcome.
United Kingdom | Other
Design supply and install of bespoke architectural glass and aluminium glazing systems. Glass sliding doors, bi-fold doors, glass balustrade, rooflights, glass juliet balconies, mirrors, splashbacks, aluminium windows, shower panels..
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Unique bespoke, handpainted glass splashbacks for your kitchen or bathroom. A great alternative to tiles.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Architectural and fine art glass.
United States | Manufacturer
As a leading provider of interior glass floors, Glass Flooring Systems Inc is also highly recognized as an industry leader in structural walk-on glass. We provide an extensive array of glass-floor components as well as walkable skylight components.
| Manufacturer
Glass processors.
Australia | Industry service
Design and drafting of specialized glass projects.