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Window films
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Belgium | Manufacturer
Saflex® and Vanceva® PVB interlayers are produced by Eastman, a global specialty chemical company that develops a broad range of products. For generations, architects and designers have relied on our high-performance materials to solve the toughest architectural glazing challenges.
Belgium | Manufacturer
EVERLAM is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer for laminated architectural safety glass, dedicated to proposing high-value solutions, comprising quality products that are supported by outstanding technical expertise.
| Manufacturer
Safety, security and protection solutions for personal use and the workplace, including building protection, information security, traffic safety products from 3M.
United States | Manufacturer
We specialized in commercial window tinting and residential window tinting applications. Our products include security window film, safety window film, glass fragment retention film, glass protection film, burglar resistant window film, etc.
United States | Distributor
Exclusive distributor or 3M window film products to authorized dealers throughout thte SoutEastern United States.
Canada | Manufacturer
Safety films and security laminates ranging from 3 to 20 mm. Bomb blast, bullet, hurricane and smash and grab resistant on flat and automotive applications.
United Kingdom | Distributor
UK distributor for the allin 165 film to glass laminator, along with a window film cutting machine.
United States | Manufacturer
With over 35 years of window tinting experience, Advanced Tinting Solutions offers only the best window tinting products available and we are driven to provide our customers with professional installation and the highest quality of customer service.
United States | Manufacturer
We promote the 3M™ Window Film technology of the 3M Company while maintaining the highest standards of products, services, and craftsmanship within the window film industry.
United States | Manufacturer
The passion to design and produce the best film has led us to the development of a state of the art facility with the most advanced machinery and manufacturing processes in the industry.
United States | Manufacturer
In 1958, Gene Mothersbaugh, the patriarch of Akron Glass Tinting (my dad), started selling and installing a liquid solar control product. The ancestor of the window film that we provide today was invented in 1968 by 3M.
Israel | Distributor
A worldwide leading company provides all glass physical and security integrated-solutions for most hazards (solar, burglary, bomb blasts, etc.). Professional installation of all its products.
United States | Manufacturer
When it comes to window films for your home, car or work place, there’s no one better than AllPro Window Films, Inc.With more than 30 years of industry experience, we are window film specialists and certified technicians.
Slovenia | Manufacturer
We are produser of patch glass fittings, sliding systems.
United States | Manufacturer
Amer­iTint was founded in 1987, and quickly grew into the DFW area’s pre­mier Solar Con­trol Win­dow Film Instal­la­tion com­pany. We are providers of the “elite prod­ucts” avail­able only to pro­fes­sional win­dow film instal­la­tion com­pa­nies.
Canada | Distributor
Buy do-it-yourself window film and tinting kits online for business, home and auto. Solar control, privacy, decorative frosts and patterns.
| Industry service
French trade association, associated to the french glass federation ffpv, for window films manufacturers, distributors, dealers,and installers.