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| With the myriad of glass type available now, it is often confusing what to choose in terms of safety, thermal and solar performance and balancing cost with the benefits on offer.
| Zahner opens the public beta for CloudWall™ — the first application for Zahner’s ShopFloor™ platform. CloudWall provides an interface for users to design and fabricate curving facades in metal.
| Will glass break if window film is installed to glazing?
| We are all wondering what the future will bring. How much will computers improve? Will the global economy boom or bust? Will the mankind explore the space?
| We'll begin with some basic definitions. Just what is fire-rated glass? As the name implies, it is glass that has proven to offer a certain degree of protection in the face of fire. That may sound like a strange task for glass to perform.
| Wired glass is more dangerous than regular glass when it breaks because the exposed wires are razor sharp.