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Date: 26 October 2004
Source: Xinmi Zhongyuan Refractory
Hall 12 /Stand D72Founded in 1994, Zhongyuan Special Refractory Company has highly successfully been engaged in the construction of refractory materials for float glass production lines.

With the annual productivity of more than 15,000 tons, the company possesses workshops of materials processing, casting, sintering, cold working, and so forth.
Zhongyuan products have been widely used in over 80 float glass lines and glass product lines at both home and overseas markets. We at Zhongyuan would be pleased to be given the opportunity to support your challenge in the frontline of the float glass.
We welcome you to visit our stand at Glasstec 2004 Dusseldorf , and you will get more information about our company.
Main Products:
Tin Bath Bottom Block
With carefully selected quality raw material, tin bath bottom blocks are made by the process of fine batching, vibrating, drying, firing, cutting, polishing, drilling, final drying of the finished product and testing. In these processes, the company has obtained good results in terms of physical and chemical properties, as well as accurate appearance measurements, especially resistance to hydrogen diffusion and alkali attack. Such results have proven the superior quality of Zhongyuan products in comparison with other similar products available in the market. Our products have been widely used by many domestic and international float glass manufacturers.
Brand: FFTB-40
Combined Tin Bath Roof Block
Combined Tin Bath Roof Block is a combination structure with three basic types: transverse bridge, longitudinal bridge (as cold side in two layers), and plain brick (as hot side). The compact structure offers no straight flaws on the tin bath roof, therefore avoiding causing spots on the glass sheet. The reliability is also improved due to the sound supporting structure on four sides of the plain brick.
The hot side brick is made of sintered sillimanite and the cold side brick consists of two layers of light insulation . The T-shaped suspender is manufactured from fireproof steel cast with high temperature nickel chromium alloy, while the chest wall is made of light insulating bricks.
Brand: FTR-55A
Fireclay Bottom for Glass Furnace
Fireclay bottom blocks are built from special castable via vibrating process. Their physical and chemical properties and appearance are superior to National Standards, the resistance to molten glass is superior to the products made by slurry casting and ramming processes. The products are especially suitable for building glass furnace bottoms, sidewalls, as well as for the forming zone of the glass furnace.
Brand: FFB-45A
Composite Insulating Bottom Block
Composite Insulating Bottom Block of Furnace is an inlayed structure of alumina silica refractory and insulating material combined via high-temperature adhesive. The perfect combination successfully avoids the problems that arise from the complex traditional structure and consequent difficult construction of insulating bottom. Furthermore, it also has the advantages of larger insulation surface and less weight per unit area, in addition to which it is also easy to be constructed and cost-saving.
Brand: FFC-45
Sillimanite Brick
The product is suitable for tin bath roofs, inlet/outlet seal-bricks, etc. Especially in regenerative rider arches, it is the best substitute for fireclay material.
Brand: FGXS-60A
Mullite Brick
Constructed from synthetic mullite, after being pressed and fired at high temperature, The Mullite Brick obtains high refractoriness under load, low porosity, good creep resistance, a pleasing white appearance, and accurate measurements.
Brand: FMB-70A
High-Purity Corundum Brick
Dense Zircon Block
LXGZ-65 is mainly used in the superstructure of the glass melting furnace where thermal shock happens frequently, for example, in transition between upper silica brick and electrical fused zirconia-corundum brick or electrical fused zirconia-mullite brick, transition between silica brick and magnesia brick, crown, burner, thermal couple, peep hole, secondary bottom and its back lining. It can also be used in ladle lining for metallurgical industry.
Brand: FLXGZ-65
Alumina bubble brick
High Dense Zircon Block
LXHDZ-65 is mainly used in glass contact portions of alkali free or low-alkali glass melting furnace, especially some special zones such as paving and its secondary layer , wall and bottom of passage, flowing spout and spinning portion and back lining of furnace and passage. It is also used as lining material for other quality glass furnaces or special glass furnaces with high requirements for corrosion resistance, such as boron silicate glass, ceramic glass, low-alkali or other technical glass.
Brand: FLXHDZ-65

LXHDZ-68 is mainly used in the glass fiber melting furnace, in which thermal shock frequently happens, and the area in contact with glass liquid, such as sidewall of melting bath, paving bottom, passage, refining bath, flowing spout and spinning portion of melting tank. It is also used in furnaces for melting boron silicate glass, ceramic glass, low-alkali glass or other technical glass.
Brand: FLXHDZ-68
Sealing Material For Tin Bath Bottom Side
The product is a mixture of different materials based on different sizes. It is used to fill the gap between the tin bath bottom and steel shell sidewall.
Brand: FBSS-90A
Sealing Material for Tin Bath Bottom Bolt Holes
This product is a mixture of different raw materials based on different sizes. It is used to fill the bolt holes of tin bath bottom blocks.
Brand: FBHS-35Z

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