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Date: 25 September 2006
Source: Vitrododi Inc.
PULL-OUT a new generation of straight line edgers, born from a long experience in the field and from the solution of all the problems concerning maintenance and the complete accessibility to the whole machine.

The main characteristics are:1. construction made of aluminium profiles which make it easy to be assembled, and of stainless steel crankcases which make it rust proof.Only shoulders and bed are in sturdy painted sheet.
2. All the machines are equipped with numerical control which automatically controls the adjustments of:
- glass thickness
- removal
- width of back arris
- width of front arris
- slope of mitering (on the variable angle model)
- heel (on the variable angle model)
- progress speed
In other words, we are talking of a completely automatic straight line machine.
3. All of machine movements (motor slides, opening of wheel drawer etc.) are on guides with ball recirculating pads.
4. Tool changing is made easy and quick by an innovatory and exclusive system representing a real revolution in the field: the whole spindle support (wheel drawer) is pulled out from the machine body through a pneumatic control, permitting the operator an easy handling on the machine front for all the operations of wheel change, dressing, or ordinary maintenance.
5. A whole series of functions, normally optional on the machines of competition, is on the contrary current on the PULL-OUT line, such as:
- inverter for glass progress speed
- separate stop of loading and unloading conveyor to load heavy glass sheets, while the machine continues working
- adjustment of loading conveyor to control glass removal
- extended loading and unloading conveyors

At present the PULL-OUT series includes:

Edgers for flat edge with arrisses
PRT 6 with 6 spindles
PRT 8 with 8 spindles
PRT 11 with 11 spindles with liquid cerium oxide

Edgers with variable angle
PAV 9 with 9 spindles with liquid cerium oxide

The BGV versions with 10, 14 and 16 spindles for glass thickness up to 50 mm will be soon carried out.

6. The maximum thickness is 31 mm, and the smallest piece can go down to 40 mm (to 80 mm on the variable angle ones).

SFX Automatic seaming machine

This machine carries out the seaming in several shapes and sizes on glass sheets, in order to prevent them from breaking and assure a safer handling.
As a matter of fact, during the cutting step, unavoidable small initiations to breaking are produced along the glass sheet corners, such that its integrity is compromised during the following working steps such as assembling, tempering etc.

The machine has been designed so as to be inserted in other working lines or used alone upstream the double glazing processes and tempering furnaces.
The machine structure has been made in stainless steel and aluminium, so as to grant sturdiness and long life.

Equipped with diamond wheels fitted on axles with recirculating ball guides, it grinds the glass by granting working accuracy and speed.

A feeler at the infeed of the machine enables the machine to self-learn the glass size, and controls the wheel positioning so as to process arrisses of the same size.

The machine consists of:

Loading conveyor
Vertical edger
Unloading conveyor

The loading conveyor is fitted with a polyurethane belt able to transport large-sized glass-sheets.

The belt motion is granted by a d.c. motor and can transport the wheel at a speed of 2 to 18 m/min.

Besides, the glass-holding arm can be adjusted so as to grant a perfect linearity with the vertical edger.

On the other hand, to transport glass the vertical edger is equipped with a series of special rolls which provide a safe movement and blocking of glass being processed.

The wheels performing the chamferring self-center automatically according to the glass thickness, and can carry out chamfers of different sizes.
The wheels are located in an area of the machine totally isolated and protected.

The unloading conveyor is also equipped with a polyurethane belt and has got the same characteristics as the infeed arm.

On request it can be fitted with an upward translation movement, to be levelled with possible existing machines or lines.

SEAMING MACHINE SFX 1.6 – 2.0 – 2.5 – 3.0
Available in the following working widths: 1600 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm

Technical specifications
Ø 150-mm Diamond wheels
no. 2
2-18 m/min.
1.5 kw
Glass thickness
3-19 mm
Adjustable working speed depending on the chamfer

Closed-circuit cooling liquid
100 l.
Vulcanized rubber transport rolls
Installed power
7 kw
Minimum glass sheet size
490x150 mm
Maximum glass sheet size (h x l)
1600-2000-2500-3000x4500 mm
5800 mm
1350 mm
SFX 1.6 3148mm, SFX2.0 3548 mm SFX 2.5 4548 mm, SFX 3.0 5048 mm
1800 kg
1900 kg
2000 kg
2100 kg

The project was that of designing and realizing a washing system suitable, with the appropriate options, to be inserted in any production line of glass sheets, from tempered to isulating and laminated glass, from silk-screen printing to glazing, from silvering to solar panels, or the simple edging and bevelling.

This resulted in MODULO ONE /3CSP/INOX, by now on the market for long, available in 1300 to 3300-mm wide versions, for thicknesses up to 35 mm and with 2, 4, 6 and 8 cylindrical brushes.

The MODULO ONE 26 3CSP/INOX horizontal washer that VITRODODI will be displaying amongst our other machines in our stand at Glasstec (A22, Halle 16) has even exceeded the rosiest expectations.

Here are the main innovations:
- TOTALLY MODULAR conception
- lifting of the whole top up to 500 mm through jacks
- optional automatic adjustment of glass thickness up to 35 mm
- extractable stainless steel water recycling tanks, complete with pump, tap with float, cartridge filter, multiple pins for a quick disconnection of the electric system
- optional system for the automatic washing of L.E. glass
- progress speed up to 12 m/min.
- noise level below 80 dB
- high quality drying
- machine controls on touch-screen
- all parts in contact with water are stainless steel, optionally totally stainless steel version
- roll drive through worm-screw and gears
- optional electrostatic bars
- steel rolls covered with rectified and vulcanized rubber
- easy and direct maintenance in every machine part

We shall be glad to show it to you in operation.

As the interest of the public for the range of TOYO products persists, we have once again decided to devote them a stand: models on display will be TC 17 B (cut up to 12 mm), the TC 17B TAP WHEEL (cut up to 15 mm), and the TB19 TONG + TC 600 TAP WHEEL GLASS CUTTER set, to cut and open glasses up to 19 mm.

Within the range of portable machines made by VITRODODI INT. CO. SPA (Tools Division), the MD108 Portable drilling machine has catched much interest. Its main characteristics are the stainless steel basis and drill-bit holder, and the tool down-grade rack system allowing a higher drilling precision. It is equipped with two-speed motor, can drill up to 24-mm thick glass, and bore ranges from Ø 3 to Ø 100 mm.

MD108 is also available with Habit fitting.

Visit Toyo Ltd. c/o Vitrododi Int. Co. S.p.A. at Glasstec Halle 9 / E52 and Vitrododi Int. Co. S.p.A. Halle 16 / A22.

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