VETROPACK MORAVIA GLASS works celebrates 20 years in the Vetropack Group

Date: 9 November 2011
VETROPACK MORAVIA GLASS a leading home manufacturer of glass containers for the beverage and food industry, has been a member of the Vetropack international group for 20 years now.

This was one of the first privatisations after the Velvet Revolution in early November: 1 November 1991 the company Moravia Glass was incorporated into the Vetropack Group. This event is being celebrated by the glassworks and its employees, customers and the general public.

The glassworks is organising a meeting with customers and business partners, representatives of the town of Kyjov and numerous regional institutions. A thank you and a symbolic gift await the employees for their contribution to the successful development of the glassworks. An open day was held in August for all those interested as part of the Moravian Slovakian Year Folk Festival of which the glassworks is a traditional sponsor. The opportunity to take a peek at glass production, follow the process of glass bottle and jar making, and especially the result of huge investments into modernising production and the environment was taken up by a total of 1800 people.

The history of the glassworks dates back as far as 1883, when new production at Kyjov expanded the successful glassmaking empire of the Reich family. The Kyjov glassworks survived the monarchy, the first Czechoslovak Republic, both world wars, totalitarianism and the Velvet Revolution. A new chapter began twenty years ago when the company became part of the Vetropack international group. Thanks to the strength of Vetropack huge investments were made in the last two decades, so today the glassworks ranks among Europe´s top technological companies, is a leading manufacturer of container glass in the Czech Republic and with almost 500 employees is also a reliable employer.

In 2010 Vetropack Moravia Glass reached a turnover of 1.9 billion crowns and sold over 810 million glass containers. About 49% of production was exported. The glassworks is a subsidiary of the Swiss group Vetropack Holding AG, a leading glass container manufacturer in Europe. With production plants in Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine Vetropack holds an excellent position on the east European market. At the end of 2010 the group was employing 2 975 people.

Examples of investments in the last 20 years

  • 1993: new furnace 52 (Vetromelter, 350 t/day), 550 million CZK investment
  • 1997: new furnace 51 (Vetromelter, 350 t/day), 500 million CZK investment
  • 1993-1999: warehouses, 110 million CZK investment
  • 1995-1999: recycling line (100 000 t/year), 65 million CZK investment
  • 2010: new glass furnace 52 (U-flame, 350 t/day), 570 million CZK investment
  • 2010: flue-gas filter, 65 million CZK investment

Production volume

  • Two glass furnaces: each with an area of 122 m2 and daily capacity of 320-360 tons of molten glass
  • 23 bottles are produced per second
  • Up to 2 million jars and bottles are produced daily on 7 production lines
600450 VETROPACK MORAVIA GLASS works celebrates 20 years in the Vetropack Group

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