TROSIFOL BG – A successful product range for architectural glazing

Date: 22 October 2008
Source: Kuraray Europe GmbH / Division TROSIFOL
Presented for the first time at “glasstec 2006”, the new generation of TROSIFOL PVB films now enjoys great popularity in architectural glazing.

Unlike its predecessor, BG makes use of an optimized system of a further-developed PVB resin combined with a new plasticizer.

This combination yields a PVB film with markedly reduced plasticizer volatility, significantly diminished electrostatic charging and higher mechanical strength and thus improved properties in terms of longterm stability.

The film’s own colour has also been reduced further, yielding a visible and measurable improvement in glass optics, particularly in multiple glazing.

The film’s high rigidity improves and simplifies edge trimming. Its lower electrostatic charging reduces the film’s risk of contamination with dust during the production process. In addition, the furtherrefined surface finish improves deairing of the pre-laminate.

Because of the varying requirements that laminated safety glass has to meet, TROSIFOL also supplies grades of film with different degrees of adhesion. This supports customers in their drive to achieve optimum production results.

TROSIFOL® BG R10/15 is the product line for all standard laminated safety glass applications and particularly for impact-resistant glazing complying with the requirements of EN 356.

For optimum product yield in special applications, such as the production of laminated tempered glass, TROSIFOL recommends BG R20 with high adhesion.

The range of films for architectural glazing is available in film thicknesses of 0.38 to 2.28 mm, widths up to 3.21 m and roll lengths up to 1,000 m. There is also a choice between transparent film and the familiar standard colours. As a customer-friendly gesture, BG is available in either refrigerated or PE interleaved versions.

The product range comprises films for standard applications in architectural glazing and films with special properties. The latter include the TROSIFOL SOUND CONTROL acoustic film for noise abatement, the coloured TROSIFOL COLOUR and HR100.

TROSIFOL SOUND CONTROL is a film with outstanding noise reduction properties. Compared to insulation glazing with standard PVB film, TROSIFOL® SOUND CONTROL in the same make-up improves sound insulation values by up to 3 dB. The production process of laminated safety glass with TROSIFOL® SOUND CONTROL compares well with the familiar TROSIFOL® standard products in terms of efficiency and simplicity. Laminated safety glass produced with TROSIFOL® SOUND CONTROL displays outstanding product characteristics in terms of safety, long-term stability, light stability and optics.

TROSIFOL® COLOUR is a PVB film for coloured laminated safety glass. Thanks to its outstanding colour stability, TROSIFOL® COLOUR is ideal for applications indoors and outdoors. The range of basic colours is broad, and colours can be combined to yield an almost limitless number of colour variants. Over and above this, any desired colour can be produced to customer specification.

TROSIFOL PVB films are also suitable for autoclave-free processing. The best choice here is TROSIFOL HR100.

The BG product range naturally satisfies all the requirements of the standards DIN EN ISO 14449, DIN EN ISO 12543-4, DIN EN ISO 12600 (pendulum test) and DIN EN ISO 356. All TROSIFOL products are regularly inspected and are subject to strict quality assurance. To document this to the outside world, the TROSIFOL division of Kuraray Europe GmbH has installed an integrated management system that satisfies the requirements of a quality management system conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 with the supplementary demands of the automotive industry ISO/TS 16949, an environmental management system conforming to DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 and an occupational safety and health management system conforming to BS OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001:2007. This is externally monitored by annual certification.

We look forward to seeing you at “glasstec 2008” in Düsseldorf: Hall 10, Stand D40.

Please also pay a visit to TROSIFOL in the “glass technology live” show in Hall 1, Stand B26.

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600450 TROSIFOL BG – A successful product range for architectural glazing

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