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| Jane Embury, Wrightstyle’s marketing director, looks at how blast-resistant glazing came about.
| Wrightstyle has just completed an advanced glazing and door entry contract for John Lewis at its new £18 million Chelmsford store.
| Wrightstyle, the leading UK steel glazing company, supplies glass and glazing systems worldwide to mitigate against fire or ballistic and bomb attack.
| Wrightstyle is an international steel glazing company which designs and fabricates specialist glazing systems to mitigate against fire or ballistic or blast attack.
|  A British company that specialises in designing glazing systems to withstand terrorist attack has put video footage of a successful and groundbreaking test against a lorry bomb on YouTube.
| A British glass company that specialises in designing systems designed to withstand terrorist attack has welcomed new advice from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).
| Wright Style Limited is one of the UK’s most innovative steel glazing specialists with an international client base.
|  Wrightstyle, based in the UK, supplies its specialist glass and glazing systems worldwide.  Denis Wright is the company’s managing director, and here explains how modern steel glazing systems have come of age in today’s uncertain world.
| Wrightstyle Protecting Bits and Bytes With Glass Wrightstyle Ltd supplies advanced and specialist fire, ballistic and blast glass and glazing systems internationally, along with a full range of fire resistant glass.