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| At the Hotel Riu Palza España, a 7 meter long walkway x 1.8 meter wide made of AB-AR laminated glass has been installed at a height of 117 meters from the ground.
| An inspired blend of creative architecture, engineering, and technology combined with innovative building materials led to the creation of a magnificent new Skywalk at Grand Canyon West’s Eagle Point in northwestern Arizona.
| Structura is currently working on a major renovation project for Heathrow Terminal 4, replacing 1980’s glass rooflights with 1750 metres of Kalwall above the Terminal’s International Departure Lounge and check-in desks.
| Large-size Glass Art with Love of Detail.
| Custom Colors for Glass Now at Your Fingertips
| Giroux Glass, Inc. announced its participation in a community effort to beautify and restore a Hollywood landmark.
| It’s hardly the place you’d expect to be reading about Saint-Gobain products, but the latest issue of one of the widest-read weekly magazines in North America features a photograph and write-up of one of Saint-Gobain’s most noteworthy projects of…
| Until now, the view from the plateau of the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado River far below has definitely not been for the faint-hearted.
| The new Grand Canyon Skywalk, the U-shaped glass bridge suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado River, makes it possible for the first time for visitors to take in incomparable views of the western edge of the Grand Canyon.
| The Skywalk glass bridge suspended above the Grand Canyon will be opened to the public. Constructed on the Indian Hualapai tribe’s territory of Peach Springs (Arizona), The Skywalk was imagined and built by architect Mark Johnson from MRJ Architects…