The Surprising Benefits of Planitherm Glass

Planitherm Glass is known for its energy efficient benefits and is regarded as being one of the market leading energy saving glass for windows.

However, there’s more to Planitherm glass than initially meets the eye.   

Planitherm can be customised to provide acoustic benefits to homeowners. Sound travels in waves; anything that disrupts that wave effectively reduces how well you can hear it. by using laminated glass available with Planitherm can restrict the movement of sound into your home.

As well as acoustic benefits, Planitherm can be Planitherm glass can be coated with Viewclear II, which reduces the amount of condensation that can form on your window.

This is a particular advantage if you’re installing Planitherm in your conservatory, as reducing the amount of condensation on your windows means you’ll have fewer days where the view from your windows can be affected by condensation.

If you’re replacing any windows or glass on your property, insist on Planitherm. As well as all of these benefits Planitherm glass can help you reduce your energy bills. We have a range of different glass available each with different benefits; we can tailor your windows to your room so that you can effectively control the temperature with as little effort as possible.

For more information about Planitherm, contact your local installer today.

600450 The Surprising Benefits of Planitherm Glass
Date: 19 November 2014

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