Steklarna Hrastnik made handmade glass for the world's largest glass lamp

Date: 12 December 2011
Source: Steklarna Hrastnik
In Steklarna Hrastnik we are very proud of our handmade glass for the world's largest glass lamp.For a well-known German client we produced glass for lamps, each at least 2 meters tall.

We used 13 to 15 kilograms of opal glass, and it took 5 glass makers and three assistants to make it.

Because of the complexity of the manufacturing process we produced only 40 unique lamps in two stages, which will adorn the interiors of hotels. The innovative shape and very demanding manufacturing process would have been out of reach without the knowledge, effort and work of our experts. The development of such a product took several months; however, we are proud that Steklarna Hrastnik was able to deliver it.

Each lamp is unique, since there is no mould. Thus, everything depends on the knowledge, experiences and artistic talent of our master glass makers. As we already mentioned, five glass makers were involved in the process, together with three assistants. Most of the readers of the Steklar magazine can imagine how demanding this process is, but let us say that apprenticeship for the position of glassblower takes at least a decade. Not long ago we also hired a few glassmakers from the Luminos glassworks, and have thus contributed to preserving jobs, and, even more importantly, the glassmaking knowledge. Their expertise contributed to our achievement, since they were also involved in the making of the lamps.

Transporting these lamps was also something special. Each product had its own packaging; we made packaging form various types of cardboard ourselves, since each piece is slightly different /unique/ and the packaging must be adapted to each individually. These products were taken over by the client in person at Steklarna Hrastnik; the client also took care of the transportation.

Hand making of glass is a craft, where teamwork also plays a significant role. The glass mass, each second after it is removed from the oven, behaves differently. So the hand manufacturing process requires attention to every detail, in order for the final product to have the highest quality, without even taking into account all the complexities of technical and manufacturing requirements.

Steklarna Hrastnik's main part of production is automated. We offer a wide selection of products and programmes. The handmade programme manufactures products that cannot be machine made due to special shapes, dimensions or manufacturing process.

Steklarna Hrastnik exports about 95 % of its production to foreign markets. We are one of world's leading produces in the field of special glass packaging (packaging glass) and in the field of handmade opal glass for lighting.

600450 Steklarna Hrastnik made handmade glass for the world's largest glass lamp

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