Shape and Mutation Workshop in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan

Innovation and research, a relentless determination to reinvent the glass block, to separate it from the poor and obsolete “glass brick” and present it instead, as a “revived” product now capable of furnishing and decorating until it becomes the skin of the building, thanks to its variables and multiple characteristics.

This has been the objective Seves glassblock has pursued throughout the years.

In order to achieve this objective, Seves glassblock looks to the world of architecture as a fundamental point of reference for innovation, starting with the product concept, elaborating on new ideas and projects with glass blocks. Seves glassblock continues to collaborate with the most renown contemporary architects and designers, from Renzo Piano to Rafael Moneo, from Alessandro and Francesco Mendini to the Moneo-Brock Studio, and has now forged an important link with the Institute of Design and Architecture to get in contact with the architects and designers of the future.

Recently, Seves glassblock has been in close collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan, with the intent to spread innovation in interior design and widespread architecture among young Italian designers. Together, along with assistance from the Seves Technical Staff and Anna Gili from Politecnico, Seves and Politecnico organized a workshop called “Shape and Mutation”. This month long program was created to supply young students with the conceptual and technical instruments necessary to express their creativity through the glass block, by experimenting with its endless potential.

The workshop focused on the study and creation of new glass designs and applications on the surface of the glass block, based on the contemporary styles the students retained most suitable given the nature of the product. And with its exclusive Tailor Made service, Seves can in fact offer architects the possibility to customize the glass block to satisfy any creative or project request, forever creating new possibilities. Over 50 students from Politecnico of Milan participated in this exercise and were divided into 20 groups to experiment with the creation of new decors for the glass block, giving their contributions to the re-invention of this material now even more a protagonist in contemporary architecture.


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600450 Shape and Mutation Workshop in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan

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