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The specialist branded conservatory roof glass Reflex has re-booked for next years Glassex with a stand over four times the size of this year’s event.

At nearly 120m2 the bigger stand is testament to the success of Reflex as a clear market leader in this field.

Massive growth in the use of performance glass for conservatories is due in great part to the industry recognising the added sales benefits of Reflex as well as a more discerning consumer market that appreciates the advantages of glass – particularly performance glass - over polycarbonate.

The biggest concern for home owners buying a conservatory was the worry of overheating in Summer, but with Reflex they have the choice of Clear or Blue tint products that help keep the conservatory temperature more comfortable and pleasant on sunny days. At night or during Winter, Reflex also outperforms standard glass by 70% in terms of energy efficiency meaning a more ambient temperature in the conservatory. By contrast, polycarbonate often needs to be heavily tinted or have blinds installed to help control high temperatures, and is also known to be extremely noisy when it rains.

While competing products can only offer blue tint and then only one shade, Reflex has a much wider product portfolio to choose from.

With normal Low-E glass, temperatures of 45 to 50 degrees Celsius in south facing installations are not unkown during July/August months when furniture has melted and pets have died from the heat. With Reflex, unbearable temperatures like this are a thing of the past, as the technology involved in the manufacture of the units acts like a ‘heat mirror’ and reflects back the heat-building infra-red light frequency that transmits solar heat, but allows in the frequency that provides beneficial light.

This new-generation ‘selective’ glass virtually eliminates damaging UV radiation that fades and discolours valuable furniture and fabrics, and temperature reductions of between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius are typical compared to standard glass units, whilst also helping to reduce air conditioning bills.

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