Plansee:Meet Our Champion Against Corrosion At The ESG/DGG Conference

Date: 1 June 2010
Source: Plansee
PLANSEE has launched an extremely corrosion-resistant glass-melting electrode made of MoZrO2. It will be presented at the PLANSEE workshop at the ESG/DGG Conference in Magdeburg / Germany.  Doping molybdenum with small amounts of ZrO2 improves its properties considerably.

It offers higher corrosion resistance against molten glass, and increases high-temperature strength. One important area of application for the new MoZrO2 glass melting electrodes is the glass production for the solar industry. To achieve the desired properties, the glass is refined in the melting tank using antimony oxide which can cause molybdenum electrodes to break rapidly. MoZrO2 can withstand these attacks much longer, preventing or significantly delaying breakage and electrode loss. In the SO4 refined glasses used in the container industry, the doped MoZrO2 glass-melting electrode shows much better corrosion resistance in white, brown and green glass. Laboratory tests showed that it can decrease the corrosion rate on molybdenum glass melting electrodes up to 40%.
Find out more about MoZrO2 on June 1st 2010 at the DGG & ESG conference in Magdeburg / Germany. Leading experts from the glass industry as well as PLANSEE specialists are going to present the newest developments and trends in glass technology. Besides basics about molybdenum, PLANSEE will present its new material for glass melting electrodes and new approaches to optimizing electrical heating in glass tanks.

The session serves as a platform for glass experts to discuss new developments and to transfer a broad range of knowledge to the participants. In addition to PLANSEE glass experts, leading speakers from other companies like SORG, GLASS SERVICE, Heraeus, Dunkl-consulting and DGG (Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft) will give insights into tomorrow’s glass technology.

600450 Plansee:Meet Our Champion Against Corrosion At The ESG/DGG Conference

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