Owens Corning Introduces New SE 8400 Low Seed Single-End Continuous Roving for High-Voltage Applications

At the JEC Composites Show, Owens Corningtoday introduced SE 8400 LS, a new single-end Type 30(R) roving to meet the demanding electrical requirements for such pultruded FRP applications asmedium- and high-voltage transmission and distribution (T&D) long-rod insulators.

SE 8400 LS combines the anti-corrosion, electrical, and mechanical benefits of boron free Advantex(R) E-glass manufactured using state-of-the-art glass melting technology and advanced low-seed filament technologies, ensuring seed levels well below .5 seeds/gram. Minimizing microscopic bubble voids or "seeds" in the glass avoids the formation ofhollow filaments, which increase conductance, offering the path of least resistance to the electrical energy, and causing system failure. The properties of SE 8400 LS single-end Type 30 roving offers not only the required exceptionally high electrical resistance from low seed production but also:*higher corrosion and temperature resistance of Advantex over conventional E-glass, reducing brittle fracture failure *quicker processing than alternatives owing to fast wet-out in polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins *low migration for improved wet-out and glass to resin bonding *improved flashover resistance in highly polluted areas *high mechanical strength (weight ratio) *greater design flexibility and overall system costs reduction"While the industry has been working with non-ceramic insulators for several years, developing and ensuring the consistent manufacture of a non- corrosive, boron-free glass with seed counts well below .5 seeds per grams has been the 'tipping point' level this marketplace needs to transform to a new technology -- and SE 8400 truly delivers that solution," said Wisdom Dzotsi, Owens Corning Global Product Manager, T30 Direct Roving. After extensive beta testing, customers agree."Avoiding moisture ingress has been and will continue to be the first line of defense in preventing
brittle fracture. Brittle fracture is a primary concern of the utility engineer when evaluating the use of composite insulators," said James Schmiedeknecht, VP International Sales and Marketing at MacLean Power Systems.

"The major insulator manufacturers have paid particular attention to sealing the end fitting of the FRP rod, silicone rubber housing junction and several have designed redundant seal systems.

"The use of boron free glass fibers has been a long acknowledged means of preventing brittle fracture if an insulator's housing has been breached. However, earlier generations of boron free fibers had seed count levels that were too high and wouldn't consistently pass qualification tests mandated by
insulator standards," continued Schmiedeknecht.

"Owens Corning has solved that problem with their Advantex corrosion resistant E-glass fiber that is low in seed count. Insulator manufacturers
like MacLean Power Systems can now take full advantage of boron free glass fibers and also have wicking performance comparable to standard E-glass.
MacLean Power Systems can now offer the utility engineer that extra margin of safety at a relatively low incremental cost," Schmiedeknecht concluded.

Owens Corning SE 8400 LS roving is available in 113 yield (4400 TEX), 103 yield (4800 TEX), and 52 yield (9600 TEX). The 52 yield requires fewer ends
of roving to produce a part of equal glass content, a significant advantage for pultrusion manufacturers with building or creel size restrictions, who
wish to produce larger parts.

The JEC Composites Show (5-7 April, 2005) is known as the global venue for the introduction of new technologies in composites and is held annually at the
Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France. Owens Corning is exhibiting in Hall 1 Booth M42/N55.

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Date: 7 April 2005
Source: Prnewswire.com

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