Omnitec: Screen washing and reclaiming without solvent

The fully new systems technology from Omnitec and the new, innovative cleaning chemicals mean that the demands put on contemporary cleaning systems for graphic and industrial screen printing can finally be fulfilled.

Conventional UV inks, water-based UV inks or plastisol inks can now be washed out in the new LINEAR-AQUA without using solvents. This new technology even enables subsequent decoating in the same cycle.

The LINEAR-AQUA takes over the screen to be cleaned directly at the feeding station and transports them, fully automatically of course, to the first chamber of the screen wash line. With the fully new water-based cleaning agent, the screens are cleaned of ink in the first chamber (the pre-wash chamber) and treated for subsequent decoating. As a contemporary, state-of-the-art system, the LINEAR-AQUA naturally works without brushes, washing the screen without contact. The subsequent reaction time in the pre-wash chamber guarantees the optimal, reproducible functioning of this new cleaning technology. The automatic screen transport system now conveys the pre-treated screen to the second chamber (the decoating chamber). Here the screen is decoated using high-pressure, naturally environmentally friendly circulation water, and, where necessary, rinsed clean using a minimum amount of fresh water. Following the drip-off time, the screen is automatically conveyed to the unloading station. Following the separate drying process, the optimum cleaning quality means that the screens can be loaded directly into the coating unit for further processing.

With this trend-setting cleaning technology, the demand for reduced solvent use by using water-based cleaning agents is fulfilled. The observation of the VOC-guideline is automatically guaranteed by the LINEAR-AQUA.

These significant advantages can even be used with solvent-based paper screen printing inks by adding a small amount screen cleaner. In this way, the application range of this systems innovation can be extended into many areas of graphic and industrial screen printing.

600450 Omnitec: Screen washing and reclaiming without solvent

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