Noise-free ride with Asahi glass

Car drivers are irritated by noise pollution in crowded cities. Asahi India Glass has come up with a solution to tamp it down — a souped-up automotive glass.Asahi India is showcasing its ‘acoustic glass’ at the auto expo here which can do all this — and more.

It's offering the product to car companies to whom it supplies automotive glasses.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Raman Sharma, a spokesperson for the company, said, “It is the presence of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) film inside the glass, which makes it absorb the noise, creating a smooth, noise-free environment inside the car.”

Asahi India, which claims that it provides automotive glasses to 90 per cent of the domestic car industry, has a turnover of Rs 251.5 crore for the automotive unit, part of the Asahi group. “The main aim of the acoustic glass is to enable the driver to concentrate on driving, which is very difficult amid a lot of noise. The product can cut down road accidents,” Sharma said.

The demonstration model, with simulated noise distractions, showed that to a great degree the noise was absorbed by the glass, even though it was not totally absent. Another offering is a ‘glass antenna’ which minimises the need for a normal antenna which you have to put on the top of the car to receive radio signals.

“It is called antenna printing technology,” said Sharma. Antenna printing consists of conducting patterns and some electric devices. The printing pattern adjusts the length and the shape to make resonance matching to the receiver.

The other products on display are laminated door glasses and laminated sidelights. “Laminated sidelights and door glasses give at least two minutes of break-in protection, when some one is trying to break open the glass or due to accident,” he said.

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