LumaSense Introduces New Specialized Pyrometer for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement in 'Thin Glass' Manufacturing Processes

Date: 22 November 2012

LumaSense Technologies, Inc. adds the specialized IN 6/78-L to their IMPAC pyrometer portfolio for use in the production of thin and thinnest glass sheets.

The IN 6/78-L uses a 7.8 µm wavelength for temperature measurements between 400 °C and 1100 °C allowing for accurate and reliable measurement on glass with thickness below 1 mm.

This instrument sets new standards for stress-free glass production on manufacturing lines around the world. The sensor design is based on a full digital core for a wide temperature range and high accuracy. The small form factor and robust design allows for easy integration into the process— even in harsh environments. The IN 6/78-L is equipped with specially designed and coated high-end optics to reduce the effect of ambient reflectance and guarantee the best possible accuracy.

The RS485 to USB connection allows you to connect the pyrometer to a PC and adjust the pyrometer parameters using included InfraWin software. The software also provides temperature indication, data logging, and analysis features. When used in combination with the InfraWin software, the IN 6/78-L paints a more-accurate picture for identifying potential issues before they lead to problems that impact process performance.

“Improving product quality and increasing production yield are important priorities in the flat glass manufacturing process,” said Daniel Schueftan, Product Manager Pyrometry at LumaSense. “The IN 6/78-L has proven its accuracy and reliability in the field and has helped customers optimize their processes and ensure their best possible product quality.”

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Accurate, rugged, and reliable infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement on thin and thinnest glass sheets in ranges between 400 and 1100 °C

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600450 LumaSense Introduces New Specialized Pyrometer for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement in 'Thin Glass' Manufacturing Processes

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