Laying the Groundwork for New Sales: Tips and Strategies

According to Quanex team member Noel Lavezzi, who is leading an Express Learning session on lead generation at GlassBuild America, there are four key steps window and door companies should take when laying the groundwork for a successful sales campaign.

Plan Mapping out promotional offers/product features by month for the year takes the guesswork out of getting new business.It also plans for growth objectively rather than emotionally. When business is slow, we sometimes spend too much time or money trying to get new business.

  • Organize

    Organizing your contacts and having a process to add contacts to your database is critical. When we are busy, the nice-to-haves fall by the wayside. Then, when we are slow and trying to find new business, we scramble to figure out whom to sell to and what to sell to them. Having a process in place and making sure you maintain the process is critical for ongoing success.

  • Manage

    Spend your time on high-value activities rather than low-value activities. If you need to, shift responsibilities around to make sure you and your team are maximized in your efforts.

  • Partner

    Be honest in your evaluation of what you can and can’t do as a business. There are a lot of ways to cost-effectively supplement your team. Affordable software and system solutions, for example, are available to help support you and your business.

  • For more lead generation strategies, look for additional coverage from Lavezzi’s Express Learning presentation in future issues of Window & Door. And if you’re in Las Vegas on the show floor, see Lavezzi’s full presentation at 2:30 p.m. in the Express Learning Theater on the show floor. 

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