IWCA to Speak at GANA Conference

The IWCA is happy to announce a presentation being given to the Glass Association of North America (GANA) membership at the fall conference in Chicago, Illinois on September 21, 2012.

The title is "Glass Surface Problems and Solutions", and the discussion will highlight the proper storage, protection, and cleaning/restoration of architectural glass. In addition, the mutual benefits of a partnership between the Fabricators of glass and the window cleaning industry will be emphasized.

Program highlights will include:

Introduction: by Paul Duffer and Paul West, highlighting the IWCA Glass Committee and it's ongoing work.

Storage: (15 minutes) Once glass is delivered to construction site the need for proper storage, listing potential hazards, examples of what happens if not stored properly, etc (highlight the joint IWCA/GANA "Construction Site Protection" Bulletin.

Protection: (15 minutes) The reasons why glass needs to be protected in the field; examples of glass problems when subjected improper protection; how glass manufacturers can help deliver this powerful message of protection; why more aggressive cleaning methods may become needed if not properly protected. (highlight the joint GANA/IWCA Bulletin "Construction Site Protection" again.)

Cleaning/Restoration: (15 minutes) Professional window cleaning contractors, such as members of the IWCA, should be able to work hand in hand with glass fabricators and manufacturers to preserve the integrity of the product they produce; why a schedule of systematic cleaning becomes important to maintain glass; what restoration techniques can accomplish, mention the new Bulletin nearing completion "The Systematic Cleaning and Restoration of Architectual Glass" which documents the reasons why glass in homes and buildings must be frequently cleaned (recommending 2-4 times per year).

Q & A: (15 minutes) audience interaction

For more information contact IWCA Headquarters or Paul West directly at

600450 IWCA to Speak at GANA Conference
Date: 27 August 2012

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